Date input in "edit run" (Read 444 times)


    When editing a run entry and clicking on the calendar for the date input, the calendar closes every time I scroll back a month. If I am inputting old entries, I have to click through this process many times. It would be nice to be able to just click through the months without them closing each time. I am using Windows 2000, Firefox 3.0. I think there is also value in being able to just click on a day when in "Calendar" view, which would open a new run entry for that date. I consistently enter my workouts in blocks that sometimes go back months, and I am also trying to enter old paper training logs, which is very tedious with the current format. BTW, thanks for this great site!!

      Eric I just tried this at work and it does scroll through the months properly. At work I have XP, using Explorer 6.0. Hopefully just a browser compatability issue. I think the feature request would still be great.
      eric :)

        SkunkConn, The new log sports a new pop up calendar and should not have this problem. eric :-)