How to get data files from Sunnto/Movecount to RA logs WITHOUT computer? (Read 54 times)


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    I upload via the Movescount app in my iPad to get my data from my watch to the Suunto/Movescount site, which then shares with Strava. So there something I can enable or do to bridge the link between MC & RA? I Woukd rather it magically upload it for the 2016 game vs "faking" a Sunday entry for that week's total mileage.



      Manual approach: I know that Strava has a "Download All Activity" option under your settings - you could click this, download the .zip file from the link in the email they send, and then upload that as a file to RA (make sure to select ".gpx" format from the dropdown menu).  Once RA processes it, you'd click the little "save disk" icon next to the workouts and they'd be "logged" in your account.


      The downside to this approach is it downloads ALL activities, so RA is going to show duplicates for previously logged workouts you've imported before.  You can workaround this by 1) deleting old imported workouts from Strava and then downloading all history, or 2) editing the contents of the .zip file to only include logs from the most recent period (i.e. delete anything timestamped older than the period you want to import, prior to uploading).  I'm not sure how often Strava lets you download all history or how often it updates, but this could be feasible if you only do this once a week.



      Another approach that MAY be automatic but I haven't tried yet involves using RA's integration With Garmin Connect.  If you can get the data into GC, you should be able to get it into RA:

      1. Sign up for an account on Garmin Connect (free even if you don't have a Garmin).
      2. Set up RA to automatically pull from your Garmin Connect account (Training Log->Upload from GPS, click the Connect button and get connected).
      3. Inside Strava's settings, connect Strava to your new Garmin Connect account (Social Connector).

      Theoretically, at this point, Garmin Connect should auto-pull new workouts from Strava into its database, and then RA will auto-pull workouts from Garmin Connect into its database.  You'll still have to go to the uploads page and click save on each workout to "log" it, but the importing action should all be automatic.


      There is also a service called https://tapiriik.com/ that will let you send Strava workouts to Garmin Connect - if the above step #3 doesn't start auto-pulling into GC, you could try this service to push them there.  I think it costs $5 a year for the service and may require you to physically go to the website to kick off a sync, but it's another option.