How to link the course selected to the date? (Read 707 times)


    Hi I'm new to this! It looks brilliant but I just don't seem to be able to link the course I selected & saved, to a date. I tried going back to the course details I had saved, on 'edit' , to check if there was a 'date' entry I had missed, but there wasn't. Ialso tried clicking on the calendar but nothing happened when I clicked on the date. Hope you can help - no-one else seems to have this problem! AliCat Smile Cool Smile
      AliCat, I'm don't quite understand what you mean by link the course to a date. Do you mean determine the course you run on for a given date? If not, could you elaborate what you want to do? I apologize for being dense. eric Smile

        Sorry - I am obviously being dense! I thought when I mapped out a route I would input the date I ran it & it would then come up on the running log. I am not getting this am I?! Thanks for any help you can give me! AliCat Blush Smile
          Ah, I got it. We have different ideas on how to input a run. On this site, the way you create a run is by clicking on the "New Run Entry" button on the running log's toolbar. On the run entry form, there is a course dropdown that allows you to specify one of the maps that you created. Let me know if this helps. If not, I'll guide you through it. eric Smile

            Thank you! So simple now I know how1 Alicat Smile Smile Smile