Risk of re-injury? (Read 105 times)


    I pulled my groin/adductor around Thanksgiving. I went to a physical therapist and didn't run on it until it was nearly completely better. This week I've been working up to my normal mileage, after getting back to running slowly the past two-three weeks. My leg was feeling fine until the past couple of days, and now, it's a little bit sore. Not nearly as bad as it was when I first strained it, but still, enough that I notice it. I mostly feeling it after I'm running, if I move a certain way, and sometimes during, but not enough at all to hurt my gait or anything. Can I keep running, or should I be worried? I really don't want to hurt myself all over again. I make sure to stretch well afterward each time I run. Are there any other preventative measures I can take?

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      Work on stretching and strengthening. Constantly. You need that scar tissue to form in the muscle and for it to get stronger.


      When / if it hurts. Stop. Sore is ok, it takes some damage to make the mucle re-grow new fibers.

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