Unable to Reply to Messages (Read 48 times)


    Hi Eric,

    I looked to see if this had been reported, but didn't see it. I did get a reply to a message from a friend, so maybe it's not everyone and just me. Sad  When I try to reply to a message, I get this:

    "Fatal Error

    An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. If this problem persists, please contact me."


    I'm using Chrome on a PC. Haven't tried on my mac to see if I get the same issue. Any suggestions?




    Somebody's using it.....

      If that happens, I start a new PM and that has worked. Replying is hit and miss.




        This was a message I started, my friend replied, then I couldn't reply. Tried a couple others and got the same thing. Never had this happen before so thought it odd, especially given the other update-related issues recently.

          I had the same thing happen, same error. I was able to get a message through by sending a NEW message rather than as a reply to a previous string of messages.

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          eric :)