Garmin 210 connection issues (Read 32 times)


    My garmin has always been a bit slow to connect, but yesterday the status bar was close to nothing after 10 minutes of having it next to a window. I have had issues with it before and I sent it back to Garmin for repairs, but I would like to start wearing it again (stopped using it in December), but I would like to see what kind of times I am getting on my runs and I dont want to wait 2 weeks for that.

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      What do you mean by "connect"?  Sounds like you may mean acquiring satellites, since you mention leaving it by a window. Or are you having problems connecting to RunningAhead?


      If it's satellite acquisition that is the problem -- have you tried setting it outside rather than in window?  Leaving it on with a clear view of the sky for 10 - 20 minutes will let the device get current GPS information and update its cache, and it will acquire the satellites faster in the future.


      I'd probably just go for a master reset of the device, here's a link to the Garmin instructions.

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        I agree with MilkTruck.  I think it needs to lock onto at least three satellites before it is ready.  You may not have a clear enough view of the sky from your window.  Buildings, hills, dense trees, and electronic interference can block the signal.


          Like other said, it sounds like you are asking about satellite connection.  I have found the perfect spot -- I just have to place it there at least 5 minutes before I get ready to go to get the connection.  Sometimes I have to wait for it to ask if I am indoors and other times it connects right away.


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