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    Yep! I like Bryan Kest and Shiva Rae. Both are Ashtanga/Power Yoga teachers, and both have several DVDs available. Try Amazon or eBay.
    Chalk up another vote for Bryan Kest I love his Power Yoga series... well, at least Volume 1. If I keep at it long enough I'm confident I'll work up to Volume 2 and 3.

      I have tried several yoga DVDs and classes, and my all-time favorite is YogaZone's Power Yoga for Strength and Endurance. It's about an hour, and challenging. I think the instructor (Lisa Bennett -- I have the whole tape memorized by this point) does a great job providing helpful verbal instruction, which is not easy on a tape/DVD. The other one I like is Baron Baptiste's Power Yoga Level 2. Tough workout.
        Try yogadownload.com as well -- inexpensive and very good yoga sessions (audio only but most have a pose guide). Everything from hatha yoga (the gentle, stretching kind) to power yoga. You download them to your computer/IPOD. I've found them very easy to follow but a very good yoga workout.

          Anyone have a favorite yoga book or DVD?
          dvd: 'ali macgraw's yoga mind and body' book: 'Pranayama-The yoga of Breathing' by Andre van Lysebeth. yoga site: http://www.movingintostillness.com/
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