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    I am new to running - usually I exercise by using the cross trainer and bike at the gym but all gyms have been closed here in the UK so I thought I'd go for a jog to keep up my fitness. I must not have warmed up properly as I now have strained both thighs - I didn't hear a pop but they are quite painful and I have all the classic symptoms. What cardio exercises can I do now (bearing in mind that gyms are closed). Any help would be greatly appreciate

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      Walk. Walking briskly will build up your lower body's ability.

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        MT is right. Walking is good. Make sure you are walking in decent shoes though, not the ones that are beaten up and relegated to wearing for mowing the lawn.

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          Hi all.

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          If you already have a bike there are things you can get to let you use it as a stationary bike. Jump rope is good too. Don't forget workout


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            The chances of you straining both legs is about 0. You're probably just sore. Give it a week, you'll be fine.

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              The main cardio for you right now is rest. Until your legs are back to business no need to rush things...

                Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Running is hard. It broke your muscles down. Walk for next 4 days then start with an every other day plan mixing in walk breaks (by choice) with jogging. It takes multiple weeks/months to get adapted to pounding of running. Take it slow.

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                  Thank you so much for all your replies and advice!