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    This morning while I was going for my usual Friday run I noticed that way in the distance there was a couple of woman that I see regularly enjoying their morning run. It is a pretty hilly route that we take and you can't see who is ahead of you that well. So when I crested the next hill and I was about half the distance from them that I was I was surprised. I was even more surprised when about a mile later I passed them. I have never passed anyone when running. I checked my pace and it was a little faster than normal and the hills didn't seem to slow me. Look out here I come.

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      Reminds me of a race I ran this summer, Rose Maguire's Great Mill Girl Chase. The ladies get a 2:30 head start, and as advertised on the race site it's the longest 2:30 of your life. The object is to pass as many as you can, and I managed to catch all but 15 by the time the 5K was done. Lotsa fun. Nice work on the hills, keep it up!

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        Your username is quite right, then ! Big grin Great job !
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