Are insoles the cause of my problem? (Read 457 times)

    I will try to make this as short as possible but I want to give you the whole story so I can get honest feedback. I have been dealing with pain in the top of my left quad, as well as my left heel. The quad pain started about two weeks ago, the heel pain about 1 week ago. I started running via Couch to 5k in October. At that time I purchased NB 1221s from a NB store (they video taped me and had me run on the TM, it was a professional fitting). I finished C25k in December and shortly after took 10 days off (completely) from exercise. When I started running again in January I experienced some pain in my left knee (right in the middle, along with "popping" sounds when I walked). I visited the NB store and was suggested some insoles, I purchased the NB X-Sole ST on Jan 5. If it matters, I pronate (roll inward, that's the right word I think?) and have high arches. I am training for a 5k on March 11 so my mileage has been increasing from about 7 mi/week early January to 15 right now. However, when I run I get this pain in the bottom of my heel, toward the back (foot strike pain). It does not sound like plantar fasciatas because it ONLY bothers me when I wear my running shoes (even to go for a walk was painful, but my old Brooks are no problem for walking). The quad pain however, does bother me if I move my leg wrong (getting in and out of the car, for example). Last night I visited the NB store again and he explained that the 1221s were retired because the heel was considered "too stiff" by some consumers and so I purchased the 1222s. I transferred my Nike + gadget (as well as the insoles I bought on Jan 5) to my new shoes. I went for a walk this afternoon to try them out. My heel still hurts. Undecided Can the insoles really be the cause of this type of pain? Or does this sound like an injury? Is it possible one pain is the result of the other (overcompensating in some way?)? I am having a hard time deciding how much more time I should spend running prior to the race, and this will be my first race (ever!). My next step is to try both my old NB and new NB with the manufactured insoles and see what happens. I am going to try another walk tomorrow in the old shoes with the original insoles and see how they feel.
    ---- Cynthia

    You'll ruin your knees!

      I think your instinct is right on...try the shoes with the original insoles to see if the heel problem persists...if not, I would recommend returning the inserts (probably not cheap) for a refund or at least a store credit. They suggested insoles that may be causing problems and should be willing to settle with you (but you have to ask!). Good luck, Lynn B

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