Run a Mile for Bernie/The Running Man/Fat Man Running (Read 636 times)

    Hi, All! I'd like to propose we all take a mile out of our busy schedules and run it in honor of one of RA's finer Warrior-Runners, Bernie aka The Running Man aka Fat Man Running. Let us celebrate the mighty accomplishments and struggles that Bernie has won. Bernie came to RA back in May 2006, and introduced himself with the thread Just Started Running after 5 years, and back surgery 4 months ago!. He continued to be an active participant in the forums, starting such cool threads as First 100 mile Month!!!" where we came to appreciate all our own hard work as well! Farewell to Fat Man Running! outlined his triumph in his struggle with his weight. If you're looking for a role model of courage and strength, Bernie's your man. Bernie also participated in the Virtual Races. His Virtual Race profile is here: http://www.geocities.com/yanelh/the_running_man.html. Bernie, I hope you don't mind that I put your picture back up on the Virtual profile... I want everyone to see how good looking you are! You're a cutie, too, though much too serious in that pic! Several people have already announced over on The Running Man/ Fat Man Running may be out for a while that they are planning on running a mile in his honor. I would like to encourage everyone else to do so, and to let him know either by posting there or here. Janell

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    Princess Cancer Pants

      I'm planning to do my mile tomorrow AM. Heck, maybe I will do 5 or more, for 5x the good wishes to Bernie. Smile k

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        This was going to be my rest day but I will run for Bernie sending good thoughts in his direction. Ewa
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          Had a rest day planned but will be running for Bernie!

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            Okay. And since it's only one, I'm gonna make sure it's a good one. Maybe the 2nd to last mile of tomorrow morning's run. It's the least I can do.

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              Todays run was not the best for Bernie - I will run my run on Friday for him - I will be attempting my first 5 miler Smile the last one I did was a run-walk 5miles this one, I will strive to run the whole thing, thinking of Bernie the entire time.
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              Gandalf the Grey

                I'm on a long pre-Christmas 'boys' run with more mud than you can imagine tomorrow ... this is now dedicated to Bernie. Happy Holidays.... Cool

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                  I'm still on the bench - but my first mile back will be for Bernie.
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                    It is nasty out today (35 and sideways rain/sleet) and I will run my run today for Bernie and think of him the entire time. And then I will smooch my kids and take them down to the pool for a swim.
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                      When I run along the river tomorrow, Bernie will be with me. bas

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                        well bernie, i don't know ya but you are quite the warrior ... every mile that i run from now on you'll definitely be in my mind and will be sending every positive vibe your way. much aloha, steve