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    I'm a 41 year-old male and run about 40-45 miles per week.  A few weeks ago, on a tempo run, I felt a slight pull in my lower left ab area.  Was able to finish the workout, but the next day I could hardly run 2 miles.  Was doubled-over for like the first 1/2 mile (I know.. I should have stopped immediately!!).  I rested about a week and didn't run at all.  Started back again this past Sunday and it's much improved, but still very tight and a slightly sore when I run.


    The tightness is just to the left of my "stuff" and seems to be localized in that area.  Strange thing is that it only bothers me when I run.  I have no pain or discomfort any other time.  There's no buldging (like with a hernia, though there might not always be) or major tenderness.  I can lift thing (did some heavy yard work over the weekend) and bend, stretch, anything, with no issue.  I often forget that it's even there until I run.  From what I've researched, I might have strained either my Rectus Abdominis or Psoas Major Muscle on the left side. 


    Anyone ever have this issue?  Any treatment recommendations aside from complete rest?




      I hurt myself playing hockey and pulled/tore something in below belly button on left side.  After a couple days, it only really hurt when i skated or ran.  I thought it would be a couple weeks.  It was almost three months.  All I can tell you is to be patient.  I saw a doctor and did some rehab including massage that may have accelerated healing, but it was a bear.  For me, it was the landings that hurt the most, and striding. 


      I did the typical cross-train crap.  Elliptical/spin/stairs to stay semi-sane.  Pool running is so crazy boring that i won't even contemplate it.  Oh, and I at some point I figured out that I could run slowly up steep hills (8-12% incline), so I spent some hours on the treadmill.


      Good luck.  It sounds like your injury is less severe than mine and will resolve quicker.  Seven months later, I'm 100% better.

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        Sports hernia ?

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          Thanks for the response.  Have been trying ice, massage (which hurts) and easy running and it seems to be helping.  Think this is going to take awhile to heal.  Don't think it's a hernia, but I'm keeping this in the back of my mind in case things stop progressing.


            Could be your psoas muscle.  I experienced something similar and after seeing multiple doctors was finally referred to a physical therapist who immediately identified it as a tight psoas muscle.  She did a psoas  release which helped significantly as well as assigning me some hip strengthening exercises and stretches.  In the meantime I found what really helped was self-massage using a trigger point therapy ball (could also just use a tennis ball) right before my runs.  When I started, the area up along my obliques all the way down to my hip flexors was incredibly tender but after a few weeks of regular massage with the ball I could finally run again pain free.  It takes a lot of pressure to hit the right area so I recommend laying down on your stomach on the ball and allowing it to roll up your side from hip to rib (similar pressure/release you would get from using a foam roller on your legs).   

              Thanks for the response.  I will have to try the self-massage with the tennis ball.  I was able to do 10 miles yesterday and felt OK for the most part.  I can still feel the tightness, but the pain is less and less each day. 

                Once you can tolerate a tennis ball you can move up to a lacrosse ball. Hurts so good!

                  I'll give it a try tonight and see how the tennis ball works.  I have a lacrosse ball and have been rolling it over the sore spot, but I haven't tried lying on it.  Will try to work up to that and see how things go.  The pain sucks, but it works.  Had a bad case of PF and used to stand on the lacrosse ball and roll my foot over it.  Was nauseous due to the pain, but it worked really well.