Wrong Turn At Marathon (Read 696 times)



    Brief video of a Japanese marathoner making a wrong turn. (30 seconds)



      OUCH!!!!  Can't imagine after running 26 miles to blow it like that at the end. 


      Looked like he had it won.

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        Felt terrible just watching it.


        Can anyone tell me what the sash is for?

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        Feeling the growl again

          Looks like they were not directed correctly....very natural to follow that truck, especially when you are probably not thinking all that clearly anymore.


          I was misdirected 150yds from a marathon finish once.  It did not cost me a place but yeah, it sucked.

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            I was completely gone mentally at a hot and humid Grandmas - About 1/4 to /12 mile from end I started to turn left and the person realed me in quickly to go right.  From being on the wrong side of the road and taking a step or 2 the wrong way it cost me 2-5 seconds.  That year I ran a 2:50:00 - Piss

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              The video was described as funny, but anyone who races wouldn't find it so. The guy looked like he was about to win.

                Felt terrible just watching it.


                Can anyone tell me what the sash is for?



                It's not a marathon - it's a Japanese relay, or Ekiden, The sash is passed between the runners. I think this was one of the longer, 2-day, events so these guys were probably pretty tired...

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