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    Well i did my first race after my first marathon ...an 8.15 Miles Great Aloha Run...no official time yet but my watch says about 1:12:30 ...about 8:54 pace...i was hoping for under 1:10 but i'm pretty happy with the results. I did this race last year without any regular running and did 1:30:00 so...not bad...The race starts at Aloha Tower, right on the waterfront in downtown Honolulu. Its not the most scenic of routes that they can pick, only the first mile was scenic, running along the waterfront, the rest is through industrial areas and military housing, finishing at Aloha Stadium, but that's fine. The first four miles i was cruising at about 9:00 - 9:15 pace before i picked it up for the rest of the race..in hindsight i really could have pushed my pace up earlier as i had quite a bit left in the end...i guess more racing and more speedwork will hone the racing strategies and skills. It was also neat to watch the servicemen and servicewomen run the course in formation and shouting in cadence...i guess the competition between each units how close they get to their estimated finishing time while finishing as a unit. I noticed the nice thing about finishing earlier than last year is that there is much less congestion at the end to get food and t-shirts..that's nice. Hopefully next year will even be faster finish. Anyway, i took the busride back to Waikiki (where I live) it was a nice air-conditioned bus which felt really good as the temperature was rising fast, i picked a seat and for some reason this guy sits right next to me even though the bus was practically empty...at least he wasn't too smelly, I'm sure I was. Anyway, did a three mile easy run now I'm at home, contemplating a lazy walk to Coldstone Creamery for some Cake Batter ice cream with Cookie Dough. Next up, maybe a 10K in two weeks. Aloha, Steve
      congrats! sounds like a fun time. Cool
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        Steve, Nice race report! It sounds like fun. I used to get to Honolulu quite often and wanted to do this race, but never got the chance.

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          Congrats Steve! That's a huge improvement from last year, so great job with your training! I'm sure you will make your goal time next year with all that you feel you had left in ya. An easy run vs. a lazy walk, hmm. . . I would've ridden the bus straight to Coldstone. Big grin Congrats again!
            Nice job, Steve. That's some serious improvement in a year!

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