3:20 Thrusts into RunningAhead in 2012 (Read 940 times)

    FB - Good luck. I hope you brought a life jacket just in case...

    Nick - what happens the 23rd?  Some pfitz program kicks off?


    I had an eye-opening reality check today as well, running 9 miles that proved to be a lot of work. A combination of sickness and injury meant I hadn't run two consecutive days in over a month. Starting to build up now. Today wasn't pretty, but I got through it and for the third run in a row, no word from the injury, so it's all good.


    Until today, it's been like a taper almost: I kept running too fast, because I was doing such ridiculously low mileage (don't want to talk about it). No problem keeping the pace down today, to put it mildly.


      Can you hear me now? Good luck FB, and props for racing on a day where I would be looking for two of every amimal to join me on a boat ride. Excellent races Omar and D4. Both those times eclipse my PR at those respective distances, so, of course, I curse you under my breath. Wait! I forgot. The beauty of these forums is that I can curse you right here - shiteaters.
      Jim E

        Today's run is postponed until the torrential rain stops. I thought I would amuse myself by tracking FB in CIM but that does not seem to be working (yet)

        Strict WTF adherent

          So FB is going for it, right?


          Still dealing with arch pain. At 25 miles for the week. May try for a few more tonight. Have gained almost 20 pounds since MCM. That's some skills right there.

          Jim E

            Looks like he is. The leaderboard is working, and the leader went through 5.9 miles at 5:03 pace by my calculations, so maybe the headwind is not too bad.



              I'm originally from RWOL,  lurking in 3:20 in RWOL, but hanging out actively with the cool cats in 3:30. I didn't (still don't) have a problem there, but it turns out I've been keeping a  running log here from a while back, so I've updated it. I'm 45, ran  3:21 a couple months ago and have had a hell of a time getting back into the swing of things (bronchitis followed by calf problems). But it looks like it's getting better now.


              I ran 7 miles @8:30 and felt great. Finally!


              OMR - +1 on  'gifted'. Oh, and also on the PR. I can't get it under 20 for love nor money.


              Hi from another RWOL refugee. Like runbo I also lurk in 3:20 from time to time. No where in 3:20 shape...yet, but we'll see what 2013 brings. Just ran Harrisburg with a sub3:30 goal, but blisters did me in around Mile 17, but still PR'd with a 3:47. PR is a PR, but know I got something better in me. I'm a regular with the other kool kats too in 3:30. Like that group a lot, but not RWOL forums so much right now. Like RA forums a lot. So much got roped into maintaining the sub1:30 HM thread.Smile You guys seem like a fun bunch here, so I'll stick around.

              PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


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              Jim E

                Hi hill billy, and runbo. By the look of the view , there are still plenty of lurkers out there. CIM tracking is working now, but no FB at the 5.9 mile point. Surely he didn't bag it?

                  Welcome to runbo and jedi/billy (I get confused by the user names above the photos and the captions below!).  Good to hear the injury didn't rear its ugly head today, runbo.


                  NickS:  I'm assuming the 23rd is the beginning of your Btown cycle?


                  RDR:  Thanks for the heads up on how not to get booted!


                  FB, hope the monsoon and the "green gunk" are not preventing you from getting it done at CIM.


                  Fonz:  YES, I CAN HEAR YOU!! (Oh...was I shouting just now??)


                  Jim:  Hi, and thanks for the updates (or attempted updates) on FB.


                  McBen:  Sorry about the arch pain.


                  Yesterday was the 30th day of my running streak (longest previous streak was about 8).  Debating whether or not I should take today off, or get out there for at least a few recovery miles while the temps are once again in the 40s (ridiculously warm for us).  This can't last much longer, although with geese flying north over our heads yesterday, maybe spring is already here???

                    Looks like he is. The leaderboard is working, and the leader went through 5.9 miles at 5:03 pace by my calculations, so maybe the headwind is not too bad.


                    weather.com says it's now 10 mph WSW, bearable, but direct headwind. But half an hour ago it was 20 mph. Also now "rain" instead of "heavy rain". Maybe the worst is over. Forecast is still saying 30-mph wind gusting to 50, though.
                      Oh -- and evidently there were a couple of buses that did not make the start.
                      Jim E

                        Oh boy, that would suck, to be on a late/stuck bus. Meanwhile the leaderboard is showing nothing for the half split, more than two hours into the race. Oh well.
                        Jim E

                          Yay! FB 2:19:46 at 20 miles. EDIT that is 3:03 pace. Go FB!

                            WTG, FB!!

                            Very impressive, and I don't even mean just under those weather conditions. Hope the wind hasn't taken too much out of him.


                            ADDED: 3:03....Amazing. Jim, you know him, is that a PR?

                            Jim E

                              FB finished in 3:03:31. Well done!
                                I believe his PR is 2:55, original goal was 2:51.