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    Hi all, the first weekend of October 2021 I am going to be running three 5K's. First one is Saturday morning at eight, second one Saturday afternoon at four, last one Sunday morning at eight


    i haven't raced anything in a very long time. Last spring i was in marathon training and it got cancelled, then i ended up with a stress fracture in my leg and now i'm eight months back in and finally feeling "normal" again but still pretty low weekly mileage (20-30 range). there are awards for the individual 5K's but i'm sure i don't have a shot, I kind of feel like i might have a chance at an age group series award though if i can race these smart.


    anyone out there with experience racing so closely together? i really have no idea what my potential could be, i haven't done any speed work since last spring during my aborted marathon training. my 5K PR is not fast, 20:19, and it was years ago. i have no ideas of grandeur here, just hoping for a good strategy so i can run my three best runs.

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      I'd approach it like this...treat the first one (Sat AM) like a tempo workout -- fast but "easy"...want to finish feeling like you could turn around and do it again;  Sat PM, race it. Take your comfort with pace from the AM workout into the first half, then hard into the finish.  Sunday AM, start sore and depleted...see if there's anything in the tank to pick up in mile 2, then hang on to finish.


      Sounds good on paper, probably total crap in reality...but when I've done back-to-back races (HM), the second was the best.

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        Strategy could be very different depending on whether age group series awards are base on total time for the 3 races or age group place in the races.  If it's by place it would really help knowing who your age group competitors are and adjust your race effort to maximize your best place with minimal effort, e.g. no sense in pushing the pace if there's no way you can catch the runner ahead of you.

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          This is a challenge on your low miles to nailed it each race. If looking for best time then go for it race 1. Unlikely to match that on next races. Or if  race 2 or 3 end up being more important then run sub max progression runs with conservative starts and fast finishes. Gotta save something. Good luck.

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            thanks for the feedback!


            i like the idea of running each run as a progression run, its the way i naturally run anyway though i don't normally push myself.... but doing what milktruck suggested also appeals, except that i'm a morning runner...i've been been good at running later in the day, my normal is up before dawn and out the door, so races can be challenging anyway with the later starts....


            lots to think about!