Run the Rockies! (Read 503 times)


    Probably not as many people showed up as in past years cause of the rain, and I just jumped up an age group....  but I actually placed 3rd in my age group!  whooo hooo!!!!  and knocked 3 minutes off last years time. 


    This is a really fun race in Colorado, and they serve beer at 10am at the finish.  Oh, and it's almost all downhill (the 10k, the 1/2 marathon is 1/2 downhill) What's not to like?

      Wow, looks amazing.  Maybe one of these years I'll go down and do it.  I'm in Canada, and it would cost me about $400 round-trip.  Wouldn't be bad except I'm a student, so every penny counts.

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        Three minutes is huge! Awesome! Smile

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