Cortisone shot for inflammation - experiences to share? (Read 207 times)

    Yes, many of these conditions where there is continued soreness for several weeks, months or years are actually non inflammatory conditions where historically cortisone has been used as treatment probably without any or minimal benefit? AND because patient expects something from the doc. In my case, I had a big bursitis component too that would not settle down. Years later,  the PRP injected and tendon poking and reducing intense activity is what helped regenerate my diseased tendon.  Diseased tendons don't do well when you continue to stress them.

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        Diseased tendons don't do well when you continue to stress them.


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      Though, I will add that SOME activation of the deteriorated tendon in a very controlled and strategic manner (eccentric exercises with guidance from a PT or med prof...!) is usually better than total rest.  Things just atrophy with total rest and are usually re-injured upon return to activity.

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