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    I've been downloading sets of workout data for my personal backup. I've been trying to get better about backing up all kinds of information. One thing I noticed is that files older than, roughly, may of 2011 don't seem to have map data stored. It was obviously generated by GPS data, as it is very precise distances and it has GPS intervals listed.


    Was that data just not stored like it is now?





      I guess I uploaded in a weird format for a year or so. Older files had map data as well, perhaps I upload after processing in Training Center.


      I've seen other posts asking something similar. Is there any ability to dump out more than the high level info stored by RunningAhead? While that basic info is helpful, it doesn't give the second by second track information for GPS, HR, Cadence, etc. You can go to each and every entry and request a GPX file. That will also return the sensor data recorded for each GPS data point. As a starting point, could these gpx files be bundled with the .zip file?


      There is a further issue with the sensor data stored in the GPX files. It doesn't follow any convention (tcx for example) so other tools, like TC, can't digest the data.


      The reason I'm asking for the data is because I had assumed this site represented a long term storage location for my data. I tend to upload from 3-4 computers and I can always access your site. Then I don't have to backup my files between computers. However, if I can't get the data back out in the same format it was put in, the value is lost. For example, while researching this problem I found out that TrainingPeaks does output your raw input file if you request it. It then does a separate export for the data it stores to csv, which your xml format is soooo much better :-)




        Hi Ben,

        RA does not delete old GPS data.  I'm not sure how you imported the old data.  If it was directly from your GPS, then there's a good chance that the GPS itself deleted it to save space on the device.  I think this is the most likely scenario.


        I need to completely rewrite the export function.  The trouble is that some users have so much data that it takes many minutes to gather and package the workouts.  The new export will probably need you to initiate the backup and then come back at a later time to actually download it.


        Part of that project will also involve a new storage format.  With the fast advance in personal data recording, I need a generic way to handle all types of data.  I've been thinking about the file format on and off for many years but haven't had the time to implement it, because it also involves creating a tool to convert existing data.  The conversion process will create its own set of challenges.  I have to resolve all of these problems before it can be deployed.


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          Thanks for the information. I do think there was an issue with that period of data.


          For export/backup functionality, have you considered just piping the raw uploaded data to another backup location? Could be google drive, dropbox, etc. I would assume there would be fee of some kind to cover that backup/bandwidth cost. I would enjoy having that option though. Right now the best option I have is to open the GPS unit in trainingcenter first to download the data. Then backup that data to other locations. If I could just upload the data once and be done with it I would love it.


          That relieves you from having to do a custom data format for the raw files.