Correct Shoes? (Read 32 times)

    Hi All,


    I've recently started running again, after taking a 4 month break (cold winter & having to study hard for my final university exams!), and thought I would buy some new shoes for the occasion.


    Unfortunately, I think I don't seem to get along with my new pair (Brooks Vapor 10 DNA Evolution). Although I admit that I am not the fittest (105kg and 30mins to run 2.7 miles), I seem to be getting pain (intense dull aching, especially when I move them) around the bottom third of my legs (both medial (worst), lateral, anterior and posterior aspect), and the pain lasts for a good few hours after I finish running. Does this sort of pain sound familiar to runners with incorrect shoes?


    For extra information, I have previously been running on Nike Air Structure Triax 11 and Nike Air Structure Triax 14. I did not have any problems with these.


    Thanks all!