worst run ever (Read 497 times)

    Today was, without a doubt, my worst run ever. Thought that the days off since sunday's HM would be enough. I had to walk down hills my quads were hurting so much. Hopefully I get back into it soon. Ugh.
      Sorry to hear you had such a bad run. It sounds like your body just needs a few more days to rest before it is ready to be back out there pounding the pavement. If you really have to do something, try cross training for a couple more days to give your legs a rest and then try again in a few days.
        Yeah, sorry to hear 'bout the bad run....Just "chin-up" and get ready for the next one, and hope that it's a good one... Good luck!
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          It's really a question of not being ready to get back into it. My legs are still shot from my last race. I'll just xtrain for the next few days, but I want to run! Hopefully I didn't injure myself yesterday.