Metatarsalgia - bottom of forefoot pain (Read 220 times)


    For last couple of weeks, I am having pain in the bottom of my right forefoot.

    Reading about Metatarsalgia, symptoms are the same, but it is happening only on the right foot

    I used to wear Saucony Cortona. Currently I am wearing Saucony Triumph 9 and Triumph 10.

    Would appreciate comments and feedback.



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      I've dealt with this for more than a year now. The best thing you can do is use a 'metatarsal dome' in your shoe. It elevates the mets a bit and allows relief google hapad or pedag for examples. I've used the pedag version with great success. If you see a podiatrist about it they will possibly recommend arch support plus the met pad (that was my experience and it turns up as a common prescription in my web searching). I use Sole and Archmolds inserts and the met pad. It definitely helps*.






      * Standard YMMV disclaimer applies to all drivel included with this post. I am no expert, just a guy with a chronically hurty foot.

        Been having discomfort in my right forefoot too which started about 2 yrs ago but I think I have finally found something that alleviates it and has allowed me to continue running.

        Saw 2 podiatrists: 1st was a prick who didn't allow me to 'discuss' it, he made the decision in less than 3 minutes, hardly sitting down, all by himself to inject steroids (he had a student shadowing him), and upon him walking out, I asked him that I would like to see another podiatrist.  He told me I 'offended' him but I stood my ground (I was taller than him too at 5'5" haha!), and he got more upset but he backed off when I invaded his personal space, respectfully, asked for another podiatrist.  2nd podiatrist was calm, explained what may be the cause and thus the pain/discomfort, and he listened and offered other alternatives, took less than 15 minutes. He suggested inserts/soles.  I went to a specialty shoe store which molds, by heat, an insole to your feet.  I prefer trails and limit my road running and the custom insole has done wonders for me.  It does lift the pressure off the area.  I love it so now that I bought another one to wear in my non-running shoe.  It's called the Shoe Dog.  Kinda $$ but they say it should last a long time, and for me, it has been worth it.  It took awhile to recover, as I continue to run, apply RICE after each run, massage but all that has decreased over the weeks.  Part of the problem too is that most people tend to have one leg 'shorter' than the other, even a millimeter makes a difference so thus putting more stress/pressure on one over the years takes its toll.  Anyway, I have not had any problems now for about a year.  Hope you find something that works for you.  Good Luck!

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          Thank you guys. I am resting, applying the ice and would use the insoles. If things stay the same would you the pad.


          Would changing running shoes to lower heel to toe offset help?

          not really a runner

            I have had better luck in lower drop shoes, but also had reasonable success in certain 'normal drop' shoes. Wider toe box and the pressure relief from the met support made the biggest difference.

              I've dealt with this for more than a year now. The best thing you can do is use a 'metatarsal dome' in your shoe. It elevates the mets a bit and allows relief.




              I was in a lot of pain with this.  Still have it but it doesnt bother me much now, and not at all running.


              I went through nearly a year off of running.  Had 2 pairs of custom orthodics, countless OTC insoles, 2 podiatrists, a PT, a "pedorthist" and 2 orthopedists.  Finally, at a pre-surgical consult, the surgeon (at a top NYC hospital) showed me how to position a metatarsal pad myself, and low and behold, a few weeks later, relief!


              You should see a MD to ensure its nothing serious, or something like a neuroma which would require different treatment.  my case was a "stress reaction" on the 2nd met head (bone), probably stemming from "pre-dislocation syndrome".


              when the problem is acute, icing was a huge help.  nsaids were also great.  buddy taping (aka spika taping) the second toe to the third can also help, but gets old fast.  however, offloading the effected metatarsal head was the key to my healing / long term management.


              I use Powerstep met pads in most of my shoes now (I buy through walkpro.com).  Its a real hassle to get them positioned right.  I like mine about 1cm behind the effected spot, NOT under the spot.  the pad is to lift the metatarsal up, not cushion the sore spot!   if the pad is uncomfortable, move it further back (towards heel), a few mm at a time.  you should not really notice them if theyre in right.  I no longer need them for running, but do put them in my casual / dress shoes.


                Do you guys use met pad only for one foot that you have pain or you use it in both feet?

                  The advice I got was to always wear them in both shoes, so I do.


                    Symptoms as described for Metatarsalgia started coming on in my right foot a few weeks ago...pretty scary. Loathing taking a chance with professional help, I started surfing and found out what it was called, and about the metatarsal pads.


                    I made my own pads  out of extra insole material(part of the shoe you can remove anyway). Immediate relief , no problem on any run and the symptoms are gradually going away...in that foot. Curiously , today the other one started the same thing. Natually I made another pad.....again immediate relief.


                    The pads that I made are like little horse shoes and the sore spot sits above the open space. Well , actually most the pad is aft of the sore spot so maybe the cutout doesn't do anything....maybe I should not do a cutout in the pad. It seems to be working and can be adjusted with later models.

                      From what I've read, the cutouts are okay for a few days, but its better to elevate the metatarsal head by placing the pad just before (heelside) the afflicted head.   maybe by 1cm or so.  elevates the head and keeps the pressure off.


                      hope your feeling better.  i wrestled with mine for over 18mos, and have just removed the pads from all my shoes (save one pair) this month.


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