Mac smilies? (Read 779 times)

    I am currently using my brothers laptop, and cannot figure out how to get the smilies to work in Safari! I click on them, but it doesnt work. Something tells me it isnt difficult, I just dont know how to do it. :-P

    Princess Cancer Pants

      I think they only work with Firefox. I just drag the code down and hand-code with HTML. Or there are several that can be done with basic shortcuts...like the smile, the frown, and the big smile. Smile k

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        I think they only work with Firefox.
        I've had the same experience. I use Safari for most things, but b/c of the emoticons issue, I do RA on Firefox. I imagine they also work in Camino, since it's based on the same rendering engine as FF, but I haven't checked it out.

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        madness baby

          Yeah, they don't work in Safari. That's why I'm limited to a few: Smile Wink Big grin Sad Otherwise RA works fine in Safari!

          12 Monkeys

            I use Camino a lot, they work great!
              I think I will just wait until I get back home to my own computer to smile. I dont want to download software on his laptop. (Or I could use his fiancee's ridiculously slow PC which I have been using to finish up some final edits on a paper. If I am lucky, it may even load a website by dinner tomorrow.)

              Team Effort

                I have had them work in Opera, Netscape and Firefox. Who knows what the problem is with Safari. Big grin


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                    This works: : and ) = Smile ; and ) = Wink : and ( = Sad You just have to know the right combination (which I don’t). I assume some of the people who posted before me also figured this out. Maybe we should combine our efforts to find as many smilies as possible (maybe even all).