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    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau

    Demon of Bad Decisions

      Dammit.  That is so much better than the answer that was given on the show.  

      I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


        Hey srl,


        Nate the delicatessen owner is a fantastic violinist.  But he doesn't use a bow, he strokes his violin with his ________.



        Gary would say... SALAMI!


        Salami, salami.... baloney.


          What is the total mileage across those 300 events?


          Demon of Bad Decisions

            Gary would say... SALAMI!



            You are correct, but I'm giving the points to CliveF.

            I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


              What is the total mileage across those 300 events?


              Hi modal!


              Let's see.  I'm up to 321.


              267 marathons... 7000 miles (not factoring in that no marathon is really 26.22 exactly.)


              54 ultras. 


              7 were 50 milers... 350 miles.


              The other 47 were at least 50ks... but a few were between 31 and 50 miles.  Anyway, let's pretend they were 50ks... so 1457 miles.


              8807 miles.





                You are correct, but I'm giving the points to CliveF.


                I agree with the decision.


                Queen of 3rd Place

                  Wow, thanks for bumping this, very cool. Sorry to hear about that bout of pneumonia.

                  Ex runner


                    Yeah, the pneumonia sucked.


                    Then on 2/4, I tried to break my foot.


                    Then on 3/4, I broke my finger.


                    Then on 3/13, I did something to my back and didn't run for a week.


                    I have been a-ok for about a week now.  Yay.  It would be nice if I finished out my last official long races by kicking ass and taking names.  But really, it's more like I'm Julie Moss'ing it.  Or a baseball player who held on a year too long.


                    Ah well.  The wind may cry Mary, but that sub 1:30 half is calling my name.





                      1 Boston

                      1 50 mile PR, by 76 minutes

                      1 6th place

                      1 5th place

                      1 double weekend

                      1 day at the Chicago Art Museum Chicago Art Institute Art Institute of Chicago


                      No braunschweiger








                      Hello, world.  Here's a song that we're singing.

                      Come on, get happy.


                      Salvador Dali makes Georgia O'Keefe seem subtle.  Those are not Monet's stacks of hay.


                        Didn't you win a 50k a few years back?  

                        "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus


                          Didn't you win a 50k a few years back?  


                          Sort of.  I was the first dude.  Even set the boy course record and I got my name in Ultrarunning for their end-of-year write up for setting a 'significant' record.  Funny stuff.  (the reality is that the fast people were elsewhere and the previous record was super soft. It was fun but also embarrassing to see my name there).


                          But, still... sort of.  The race was won overall by a gal.  Who beat me by, like, 15 minutes.  And yes, her name is listed in the same end of year write-up with a significant record.  Good for that.


                          Demon of Bad Decisions






                            Next time I go to the Art Institute I am going to double check and make sure this painting wasn't one of those that are done by handing off a paint brush to an elephant or a monkey.  The fact that it isn't an empty frame, monochromatic piece of canvas, or a section of pipe leaning against the wall (art or lazy workman?) makes this one of the better contemporary pieces in the new modern wing.   That ain't saying much.

                            I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                              There was a whole room dedicated to empty frames and pieces of pipe leaning against the wall.  With some wires.


                              "Wait.  Is this art?  Or have they not installed the pieces in this room yet?"


                              Good times.



                                330, although today was bittersweet.


                                My current marathon PR is from this race in 2010.

                                My "I think I will go ahead and BQ today" BQ is from this race in 2011.


                                Today was nothing like that.  It was, however, my fastest race since last September and I managed a dead even split.  (and apparently I spent my "good day" back in April when I smoked a 50 miler, so wasn't happening today)


                                I skipped the free beer after, though.


                                Settle down.


                                1. The line was blocks and blocks long

                                2. It was Michelob Ultra

                                3. I live 3 blocks from the start/finish

                                4. My fridge contains much much better beer.


                                But mostly I wanted to sit in the tub.


                                And now I am watching the Monkees.  I hear there's a little race going on near Auburn California today and tomorrow.