Packing a lunch (Read 222 times)


    So, I still don't understand why the dog food is in the refrigerator.


    With no fridge and no microwave, I'd say pack PB&J on wheat bread, a salad with citrus & oil as dressing, fruit, and/or dry cereal.


    The canned stuff (wet) needs to be refrigerated once opened.

    Feeling the growl again

      If hunger is your issue, you need protein.  A boiled egg for lunch and you are golden.

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        hummus and veggies/pita chips is easy too if you like it, and good protein from the beans. When I make dinner I always set aside two containers of it, one I freeze and the other I stick in the fridge. My husband takes the fridge container in to work the next day, and sometime over the next couple of weeks I will pop the frozen one in his bag. That way he doesn't have to eat it for three days in a row or something.