Hamstring Injury (grade 1) and Performance 40 yard speed (Read 55 times)


    My 14 year old son injured his hamstring roughly 1 month ago - grade 1---No tears. He has been going to a PT for the past 2 weeks and he's starting to feel better but his hamstring is still tight when he runs sprints (not painful , just tighter than normal).

    Prior to the Hamstring injury, his 40 yard speed was roughly 5.3. Today, I clocked him at 5.8. I can't figure out why his 40 time increased so much in 2 months but could it be related to a tight hamstring / the grade 1 injury a month ago?

    If you can share any stories or opinions, I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Just trying to figure out if something else caused the difference in 40 speed.



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      Maybe you didn’t let it heal all the way.

      did the PT say it was ok to do all out sprints?

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        It is likely not fully healed and the last thing you should be doing is having your son do an all out sprint. Stop.....give it time and build his strength back up. Running is fine if no pain and agility drills if no pain but hold off on the time trials.

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          whoa, i've had issues with my hamstrings for the past two years, both of them. and there is no way after one month and only two weeks of PT that he should be sprinting. I know kids heal fast and all, but that sounds like a great way to rip that hamstring apart and have him sidelined for a year