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    I'm here to tell you that Airplane, what with its random BOOBS shot in the middle, well that's money for a 13 year old boy.  Oh yesss.



      So is Alien

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        Has anyone seen Megamind?  


        Yes, I took my son over Thanksgiving.  It was ok.  He loved it.  It is a great story.  FYI - all the previews (95% of them, anyway) happen in the first 15 minutes or so.  It was not the story I thought it was going to be, at all, but it was better than I thought.  Not as good as How to Train Your Dragon, but still very good.


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          So I just watched How to Tame Your Dragon. Wow. What a lovely and well told story, with beautiful animation and likable characters. Very well done.

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            So I just watched How to Tame Your Dragon. Wow. What a lovely and well told story, with beautiful animation and likable characters. Very well done.


            Seriously...I am like addicted to this movie.  I've watched it at least 4 times and am hugely bummed that we didn't manage to see it on the big screen.  I think it might be my most favorite animated film, ever.  Doesn't hurt that it combines Vikings + Scots--my people.  Toothless reminds us of our youngest cat, too.  The personality and facial expressions were spot-on.

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              Needs more cowbell!

                Hey Liesl, Rolfe's a Nazi! Get used to it.



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                    I saw a trailer for Hood to Coast for 1/11/11. The film follows four teams. Has anyone heard about this? Is it worth the time and popcorn?


                    And, who has run this race?

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                      watched a documentary last night called "im still here." the synopsis said it was the story of joaquin phoenix (gladiator) and his move from acting to a career in hip hop. it was less of that and more just plain shit show. from what they showed, joaquin is a complete waste of a human being. sorry for any fans of his around here, but i think if you watched it you would feel the same way.

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                        It was a hoax.


                          yeah, i read all about it. that doesnt excuse him from anything. from what i gather, he was trying to portray the hardships of being a celebrity in the public eye. im sure its not easy, but that doesnt make it right to abuse people and drugs the way he did. and just the fact that he set up this enourmous hoax in the first place is a testament to his lack of respect for people.

                            If you like mockumentaries, check out "Exit through the Gift Shop."

                            Smart.  Funny.  Too true.


                              It was a hoax.


                              oh, sure. next thing you'll say survivor is scripted.

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                                Well then.