why is my vdot stuck at 48? (Read 392 times)

    Serious question.


    I am training for a 1/27 marathon. WIth Ej's assistance a few months back, he directed me to runbayou.com for guidance on my work out paces. At the time I had no recent representative race, so I did a 10 miler in October and the vdot calculator  gave me a 48. Great.


    I've spent the training time since then doing my weekly speed work at the suggested pace or faster, been getting some good quality long runs in and generally been around 65 miles a week. Plus, I've raced 3 additional times at 3 different distances, 15k, 5k and today's 5 miler.  For each of those 3 races, my resulting time has been amazingly close to the predicted time according to the vdot calculator pace predictions established back in October, including today. I would have thought that I would have been getting steadily faster.  Since I appear to be on pace for my marathon goal and that is the race I am most concerned about, I'm not too worried by this real or perceived lack of progress (at least until someone tells me I should be), but I am a little curious and I would like to attack some shorter distance PRs post marathon and I will need to start getting faster to do so.





      I think you probably are getting faster at those distances, it's just the progress doesn't show up right away especially while you still have your foot on the gas training for your marathon. Keep the faith.

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        I assume you trained through those races since your goal race is the marathon. Tapering and peaking for a race should make a big difference. If your VDOT from those races is the same as from your 10-miler and you didn't taper and peak, you've probably made some significant improvement.

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          How did race conditions compare?  Terrain, temperature, wind, heat index, ... all of these can make a "better" race look the same (or worse) on paper.

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            Thanks for the feedback.


            I am in SW FL. All the variables are pretty much exactly the same, hot and flat,  other than distance.