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    So last week I injured my groin/lower abdomen in a freak kickball injury with my kids (before you ask, yes, I made the catch!).  My lower stomach hurts and is tight when I extend my leg back (like a normal running stride).  Things like the exercise bike and stairmaster doesn't bother it at all.  For cross training I wanted to try and simulate my running heart rate as much as I can and doing the stairmaster at the gym seems like the best way.  My heart rate is pretty close when I am working hard on the Stairmaster, but I can only do it for about 30 minutes.  I have a couple questions


    - I have read places that stair climbing can help with runnings, and others that it doesn't work at all.  Would I be better trying to do another cross training exercise that more closely mimics running.  I have not tried the elliptical trainer yet because I figure if I can't use my normal running stride I can't use the elliptical.

    - I am training for a marathon in November, but have a LONG way to go in my fitness and weight loss.  Should I ignore my heart rate and just go slower and longer on a bike or do I have the right idea now


    I am itching to get back running now that the weather is cooling down. but I want to not lose what little fitness I got or rush back


    Train SMART

      Do the StairMaster and try not to hold on. It is great and my favorite is the old chain driven StairMaster brand. From personal experience over the years, the SM was the only cardio machine that could get my HR up. It is tough. No one at my gym uses them for that reason and if they do they lean and hold on. You really  have to work and most people I see on cardio machines at the gym who are not running, simply don't want to work. With that being said, you can mix in a bike here and there for cross training but keep tour focus on SM to try to maintain fitness. Mix in intervals on the machines to mix it up and crank up HR.  You may end up more fit after your healing time. If you are a fit runner, the elliptical is not that great. If you are not fit, the elliptical is fine.

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        I was doing the stairmaster for awhile and I think it definitely helped my running.  It is a hard workout.  I think 30 minutes was about as much as I could too.  I think it may be kind of of quad dominant so if you are doing a lot of it maybe do something that also works hamstrings?  Hope you feel better Smile