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    Today I had two firsts. I ran 8 miles in rather cold weather--about 30 degrees F--which is longer by probably six miles than I've run in the cold. Also, I ran in running pants for the first time. I thought I'd hate it, but the pants were perfectly comfortable and kept my legs warm but not too warm. But after about three miles (here's where it gets graphic) my penis felt like it was frozen solid. But the end of the run, I was in a lot of pain, and I even wondered if I had frostbite between my legs. I knew I didn't, but it's an important part of me, so I couldn't help worrying. Are there products out there for this? I wear cotton underwear, now. Do I need to change? I'm so glad this is an online forum and I don't have to look someone in the face to ask this.
      On cold nights I wear compression shorts & running tights. In temps in the 20's & colder I just add a pair of shorts. The extra layering seems to do the trick.

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        An important issue and a great question. I have run down to -15°F. I always wear a pair of non-cotton compression shorts, under armor tights, and if it's below zero I'll add one more layer of a windbreaking pant. I think part of your problem is the cotton underwear. It does not wick the moisture away as you sweat and in the cold it makes you colder. Go for a couple of layers of synthetic fabrics and you should be ok. Gotta protect the boys at all costs!

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          The extra layering seems to do the trick.
          I agree... use a few layers of non-cotton fabrics (a pair of shorts usually dose it for me). And tuck your shirts (also a few layers, I assume) into your shorts? If you're wearing tights, you can wear the shorts on the outside for the same effect. Do be careful, though, as you certainly could experience some frostbite (and it's difficult to know when everything goes numb). I find it's particularly bad when running into the wind (the front side always takes the brunt of the cold it seems). Tongue

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            your problem is the cotton underwear
            I think this is it. You want to avoid cottona against the skin in high heat or cold at all costs. Wear the tights against your skin. Even without an extra layer, that is likely to be warmer that tights on sweaty cotton.
              Its funny ... right up until the time it happens to you. Trust me, I have personal experience in this. Dead As noted above, layers of technical fabric (not cotton) will help on all but the most bitterly cold days.

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                Guys, thank you so much for sharing.
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                    I have actually run with a thin glove (without a hand in it) strategically placed in front. In fact, I ran the Charlotte Thunder Road marathon (21 F at the start) that way and it worked great.

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                      Its funny ... right up until the time it happens to you.
                        I never really had that problem even with sub zero (F) temperatures. I usually wear briefs, sometimes even cotton and only had the problem once it was around zero and a strong head wind. However my thighs started freezing before so I needed another layer on my legs anyways. My theory is that keeping your private parts very close to your body is the most important thing. Synthetic is better than cotton, but again, I never noticed any difference to me since I don't sweat a lot there. A friend of mine invested in windproof running briefs. Something of this sort: http://www.backcountry.com/store/PAT0571/Patagonia-Active-Wind-Brief-Mens.html - R

                          Guys, thank you so much for sharing.
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                            Doesn't this belong under the "size does matter" thread? I've consistently observed that puddles freeze over quicker than lakes.

                              Doesn't this belong under the "size does matter" thread? I've consistently observed that puddles freeze over quicker than lakes.
                              HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Well said. Big grin
                                I usually use compression shorts when it gets that low to keep my upper legs from freezing. The boys seem to do okay as low as it ever gets in SC.