Runners Manager Live - a new browser game (Read 43 times)



    This is Robert from Infogame24. We have recently launched the release candidate version of our free-to-play browser game Runners Manager Live. The game revolves around the idea of managing a group of the long distance runners competing in marathons, half marathons and 10K races in such locations as Berlin, New York, Tokyo etc. The game is available at:



    In addition to fun, the game also brings tangible benefits. Players who get to the top in any of over 20 categories receive Prize Points which can be redeemed for real prizes, such as watches, electronic equipment, Amazon.com gift cards and more.


    Key game features include:

    • live coverage of races;
    • wide array of equipment and accessories;
    • changeable weather conditions;
    • varied terrain and surface of the race courses;
    • advanced tactics settings;
    • manager and runners statistics tracking;
    • runners’ auctions on the transfer market;
    • Prize Points redeemable for real rewards.

    I would also like to offer a bonus code exclusively for the members of the RunningAHEAD forum. Make sure you type in the code AHEAD5000 while registering a new account and you'll receive 5000 Tokens (the ingame currency used to purchase equipment for your runners, expand your club, register in races etc.)

    I hope you will give it a try and leave some feedback here Smile