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    Hey guys CR refugee looking for some advice, I'm in the midst of Hal's half marathon training, I've only been running for around 6 months and I've set myself a modest goal of a HM in 2 hours. That averages out to a 9:09 pace, but what I was wondering was what sort of pace should I be training at? Faster than my marathon pace so it will feel easier? Slower than my marathon pace so I'll be rested? Any help would be appreciated. GenghisJohn

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      The shorter the race distance, the faster the pace. A HM pace should be at a greater effort than a MP. What races have you run? Your 5k and 10k times will help guide your likely HM finish times.

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        we're talking about your long weekiend run right? my lousy two cents is that it should be at conversation pace. slow enough you can talk (but it should not be a lazy walk in the park) if you can't speak I think you're going to fast for a long slow distance run

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          Good point. Are you asking about your training paces or your race pace?
            Let me clear things up, I'm looking for the paces I should be running during my training runs. If I'm supposed to be running a 9:09 mile DURING the race at what pace should I be training? Also, my best 5k time is 25:34, have I set a goal I may not be able to reach? I'd be running the race towards the end of Febuary. I'm on week 4 of 12 of this plan. http://www.halhigdon.com/halfmarathon/novice.htm thanks again for the insight

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              well if you believe mcmillan's calculator you should be fine: http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm (and some people like it. I personally can't get my 5k time to match up w/ my marathon time not sure if it's me or the calculator that doesn't work) his calculator says you should be doing your long runs at 10-11 min/mile but still say if you can't talk while doing you're long run you're pushing too hard

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                Just glancing at your log, it looks like quite a bit of your mileage is well below your target pace but your long runs are perhaps a bit slower. In general, you can probably slow down your shorter runs a bit unless you're intentionally doing speedwork and that should only be perhaps 1 run per week. Getting your mid-week mileage up at lower intensity will result in big improvements on your long runs. That said, for speedwork I sort of like running tempo runs at slightly faster than HM pace (I think that's what you meant by "marathon pace"?). So for a 4 miler, I might go out easy (9:45 pace), then do 2 1/2 miles at an 8:30 or 8:45 pace, and then finish with a half mile cool down. Those pace times track with McMillan as mentioned by others. Then on your long runs, if you want to sort of test your readiness for your target pace, run the first half easy and then the second half at your 9:00 pace for a "fast finish" long run.

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                  Hi John, I just recently ran my first half in 1:55, so a similar time to your goal. I would say you are running a little too fast, and not far enough. Your log seems to be in kilometers and to show a long run so far of only 10k. I would suggest trying to gradually increase the length of all your runs and make sure you have run the race distance at least a couple of times. This will give you confidence, and a better idea of how to conserve your energy for the last 5kms. I did 8 runs of 20-24 kms in preparation, the last one at race pace to see how it would go, not sure you have time for that since you are half way through your program. Bottom line is take your long runs slower and further. Simon.

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                    This is my area of expertise as I am a low mileage runner and coach. I think you have a lot of work to do with your base work so reaching under 2:00 is an ambitious goal but not impossible. Your running too fast now in your short runs. Most of your runs should be in 10:00 pace area. I would focus on two bigger work outs per week and the rest of miles slower. You have to train yourself for "this distance" My suggestion of a program is below Day 1 3-4 miles at EZ pace or 10 min pace assuming you feel you are in 25 min 5K shape now Day 2 5-8 miles with middle 3-5 miles at a bit faster pace like 9:00-9:15 pace and then in cooldown miles do 4-8 100M quick striders with full recovery between Day 3 3-4 miles EZ Day 4 3-4 miles EZ Day 5 7-10 miles w/ last 2-3 miles at a faster pace if feeling good. Doesn't have to be killer. Listen to your body. If feeling good the last mile go a bit faster. Think between 8:30-9:30 pace the last 2-3 miles. Finish w/ 4-8 striders Day 6 3-4 miles slow to EZ Progress with the plan. Maybe now your EZ runs are 3 miles but in 4 weeks they will be 4 miles. Add one mile per week to the two longer runs. Start with 4 striders and progress each week. On day 2 you start with 2 faster miles but in 4-5 weeks your are doing 4-5 miles a bit faster. Putting your effort in the two bigger work outs per week will pay off. The other runs are just comfortable runs to get in the miles. The other days are "the work outs". Based on your level of running, the above plan is more ideal than what you are currently doing and offers hope of progress down the road. The last thing you need to do is hammer away at your base which I think you are doing with the harder short runs you are doing. You will be dying at end of the half with your current training plan if shoot for your goal pace. Slow down in most of your runs and put the effort in the longer runs. Smarter training gives better results than harder training. And, think long term. Don't set your goals too high. A 2:00 half is an aggressive goal if you have never run one. You have a lot of room for growth. Stick with it. Good luck.

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