good workout for over running legs (Read 1530 times)


    i am new to the group and running. i've been running for about a year,and i beleive i have done too much lately. when i start to run now my legs burn and they just feel plain dead, like i just cant lift them to run. is that overuse or just in my head??? i really need a good workout for the days i don't run. i use to run everyday with one day off, but i can't do anymore so what is a good crossover workout for the days i don't run?? please help.


      When my legs feel like this I swim.  It is a great workout and gives the legs a chance to rest.


        thank you. i have been using the bike for 30 mins fast and the rowing machine for about 20 mins and i really feel my legs can't go on anymore. but i really want a good calorie burning workout.

          Try jogging every other day - no hard sprints now. You are running too hard. On the opposite days, do the cross training with the sprint intervals. You cannot go hard everyday. You are overtrained and your body cannot take the intensity of your runs. Interval work is great but do it on the cardio machines until you have built up a nice base of slower running miles.

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              If you look at my log, you see a big jump in mileage that hasn't caused any problems and I think my days off are responsible. I do some of my pre/post-run stretches like putting my heel to my butt and holding for 30 seconds on each leg and doing at least 20 sit-ups before I shower. I try to do knee stretching like leaning forward on one knee when I think of it, or walking on my toes whenever I'm on stairs. When I put away the Sperry's a lot of my thigh pain went away, too.