Wrong Turn At Marathon (Read 696 times)



    Brief video of a Japanese marathoner making a wrong turn. (30 seconds)



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      OUCH!!!!  Can't imagine after running 26 miles to blow it like that at the end. 


      Looked like he had it won.

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        Felt terrible just watching it.


        Can anyone tell me what the sash is for?

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          Looks like they were not directed correctly....very natural to follow that truck, especially when you are probably not thinking all that clearly anymore.


          I was misdirected 150yds from a marathon finish once.  It did not cost me a place but yeah, it sucked.

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            I was completely gone mentally at a hot and humid Grandmas - About 1/4 to /12 mile from end I started to turn left and the person realed me in quickly to go right.  From being on the wrong side of the road and taking a step or 2 the wrong way it cost me 2-5 seconds.  That year I ran a 2:50:00 - Piss


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              The video was described as funny, but anyone who races wouldn't find it so. The guy looked like he was about to win.

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                Felt terrible just watching it.


                Can anyone tell me what the sash is for?



                It's not a marathon - it's a Japanese relay, or Ekiden, The sash is passed between the runners. I think this was one of the longer, 2-day, events so these guys were probably pretty tired...

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