Upload of Equipment information incomplete (Read 39 times)


    I've just  re-uploaded my data after a delete ALL workouts. Looking into numbers I discovered that the two following equipment (shoes) ar showing a run distance = 0.

    I guess the problem is lying in the name of the equiment itself where an illegal carachter is probably included (the / maybe).

    The name of the two equipment involved is:

    - Brooks Glycerin 10 (G10/1)

    - Brooks Glycerin 12 (G12/1).


    Maybe it's worthwhile to delete all data (workouts) once again,  change the name of the of the equipment in the  RW training long and then upload once again the data hoping that everything is going to work the right way.

    Thanks and regards.

    eric :)

      Hi carlohead,

      Fixing the equipment mileage issue is not as simple as changing the name of the equipment.  Both data files are needed to work around a bug in RW's export code.  I would need to see the files in order to make the fix.  Please send the files to support@runningahead.com so I can figure out why the equipment aren't imported properly.


      eric Smile