Error communicating with device (Read 716 times)

    After years of success here at RA, I'm now having trouble uploading data from my Garmin Forerunner 305.  It's a new 305, but in case it makes any difference, it's actually the second one I've used on the site (just replaced the old one).


    My computer properly detects the watch.  It charges successfully. I  can upload data to Garmin Training Center.


    RA also successfully detects the watch.  When I hit the Upload button on the "Import from GPS" form, the watch even beeps like it does when it's successfully uploading data.  But a second later, I hit the error:


    "There was an error communicating with your device. Please make sure your device is plugged in and turned on. If errors continue to occur, you may need to restart your device."


    I've done the suggested Mode + Reset to no avail.


    I'm having the same problem on both the newest versions of Firefox and Chrome.  I've updated my Garmin USB driver and browser plugin to the newest available, too.


    Any ideas?

      You can try plugging the GPS to a different USB port.  The Communicator plugin seems to choke easily if there's an error.  If that doesn't work, repeated attempts to import the data should eventually get it to upload.