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    43 miles this week with most of it coming on Saturday in a 24 mile long run with 6,300' gain. Really felt pretty good. A confidence boost that I can complete the 50k.

    Somehow ended up with 202 miles in August. Better than I thought I'd do. Legs are feeling strong, just not fast these days.

    Hoping for cooler weather by race day on 9/21


    I think a relay race with imaginary running friends sounds awesome! Someone just needs to pick a relay.

    Road Mile: 5:19 (2017), 5k: 18:10 (2017), 10k: 37:10 (2020), HM: 1:21:55 (2020), M: 2:57:18 (2018)

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      Ace I saw that. For some reason I thought you weren't doing the ultra but I guess I mixed you up with keen and all HIS multiple ultras. 9/21....live tracking available? 


      I mean....I'm partial to the Reno Tahoe Odyssey but I'd do an ultra team (6 runners instead of 12) mostly because we spend more time together in one van AND there is a Chipotle, but it might not be open Saturday when we'd be nearby. i'd be down for Hood to Coast or that one in Ashville. I have family out there who'd want to see me, but I'm sure the logistics of seeing them and running would mean less sleep.


      Maybe just some random relay none of us have done in some spot we have no ties to for no reason other than "There are worse things I could spend my money on." 



      excellent date. I believe it's a few days before kev4x100's birthday, you get to see the worlds largest thermometer (yeah I've seen it), ZZYZX Rd has to be the most random road name I've seen, and registration opened today. I've even heard its seriously competitive....like teams have tryouts competitive. I'm going to assume I'm the only one here who has been to Baker, CA. No Chipotle there. 

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        Hey, I'll run an ultra again! Eventually... I just keep getting sidetracked by wanting to get "faster" at "shorter" stuff first. Maybe I should set an actual goal for what "faster" means for different races to make that more doable.

        5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


        Upcoming Races (?):

        8/29 Moore War 5k

        9/5 - Tunnel to Towers 5k

        9/27 - Run Elk City 5k

        10/4 - Wurst Race Half - Ran it!

        10/18 - Hot Chocolate 15k (Pacing)


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          Hey, I'll run an ultra again! Eventually... I just keep getting sidetracked by wanting to get "faster" at "shorter" stuff first. Maybe I should set an actual goal for what "faster" means for different races to make that more doable.


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            My week: (mileage down due to house guests)


            M: 8 easy

            T: 5 with short track intervals 8x200

            W: 5 easy + weights

            Th: urd

            F: spin

            S: 5 easy

            S: 5 with mile race (5:35)

            total = 28


            5th Ave Mile: 5:35, 7th in 55-59yo, AG%=80.72   I went out slightly fast and felt tight most of the way, but never close to tying up.  I hadn't raced in ~2 yrs (due to a litany of issues), so I'm pleased with this result.


            ... and I got to say "Hi" to dw (who was faster) and also to nimmals (who was WAY faster)


            pie man

              Got offered a spot in that 100k.  And...


              passed.  Stinks but that’s life right now

              11:11 3,000 (recent)


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                Brew - Jack of all trades, master of none. Sadly, that's pretty much on point with my running life.

                Rovatti - Congrats on the race. That's a good deal faster than I've ever gone for 1 mile. Certainly a much better AG than I've gotten, too!

                PJ - Maybe next time?

                DWave - Nice job at 5th Ave as well. Shorts for the race, huh? That's something I could use more of, rather than shirts. Quartz still doing ok?

                Back to a more-normal week again. 7 good ones in a row, now.


                Weekly Summary
                Monday, Sep 02, 2019 thru Sunday, Sep 08, 2019

                <tfoot> </tfoot>
                Day Miles Pace Description HR Link
                Mon 13.3 7:43 8x 1k, 1 minute recovery 155 (79%) strava
                Tue 10.5 8:23 Chasing an owl for half a mile 136 (69%) strava
                Wed 10.5 8:16 3 owls & 2 rabbits 139 (71%) strava
                Thu 13.3 7:33 9 at M effort in the middle 153 (78%) strava
                Fri 10.5 8:25 2 owls, 1 deer (1 stride), & 1 rabbit 135 (69%) strava
                Sat 15.5 8:20 Not-chicken "chicken" is better than not-beef "beef"? I'll take your word for it, Diane. 131 (67%) strava
                Sun 2.5 8:01 A peloton's worth of MAMILs 134 (68%) strava
                  76.1 8:05      

                5k: 18:25 10/19 (solo track TT) │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:24:16 11/19 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18


                Upcoming Races (?):

                8/29 Moore War 5k

                9/5 - Tunnel to Towers 5k

                9/27 - Run Elk City 5k

                10/4 - Wurst Race Half - Ran it!

                10/18 - Hot Chocolate 15k (Pacing)


                From the Internet.

                  Another 70 miles down. I could do this all day (but also I'm super excited for taper and recovery, lol)! 6 more weeks to race day!


                  Monday - 7 miles easy, left quad was a little bit sore after the weird cramp at the end of last Sunday's long run and that had me worried. Lots of rolling/mobility above and below the painful spot.


                  Tuesday - 10 miles easy, quad was still noticeable but better. I planned to go shuffle a mile and call it a day if it felt like a bad idea, then when it felt OK I continued on a route where I had lots of opportunities to turn back early if I needed to get home quick.


                  Wednesday - went to club track workout with the intention of dropping as soon as I felt the quad but it held up fine. Little bit slow but just felt fatigued, not bad. Paired 800s in 3:15/3:13, 3:12/3:12, 3:11/3:12, called it a day there - no need to be a hero and possibly turn the cramp/whatever into a worse injury. 7.5 miles total.


                  Thursday - 7 miles easy, quad still fine so back to business as usual!


                  Friday - 13.2 miles. Ran one hour easy/moderate effort and then 5-4-3-2-1 minutes at tempo or faster, half time recovery in between but kept the effort up on the recoveries rather than jogging them. I wanted to get in some work faster than race pace and practice pushing on tired legs. I actually thought I'd just aim for goal MP and cut down from there but the 5 minute segment was mid-6:50s pace much to my surprise, and the rest were progressively a few seconds/mile faster except for the one minute, which was just hard effort uphill (who put that hill there anyway??). 7:44 average for the whole run.


                  Saturday - 9 miles easy with my club


                  Sunday - 16.3 miles including 2x4 miles at goal marathon pace, mile easy in between. Took two gels to practice getting in nutrition at a harder effort. 7 miles on the easier side with first gel at mile 6 and then 7:26, 7:26, 7:27, 7:28 (net uphill for this whole section); 8:17 easy mile and second gel; 7:13 (downhill), 7:04 (some lady on a bike told me to get off the road and I was CRANKY), 7:25, 7:28 (side stitch struggle bus for the last 2 after that too-fast mile). Not my best work in terms of pacing on the second section but it certainly simulated pushing at the end of a marathon, lol. Good to know that if I overextend a little bit I can still dial back and fight through.


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                    PJ  sorry about needing to pass.


                    Rovatti - really sorry I had to say hi and scramble post race.  For the rest of you - one of my cats got pretty sick with what appears to have been a bacterial infection of some sort (since it responded promptly to antibiotics).  She was at a vet hospital while I was in NYC, so I left New York right after the race to get back home.  Good news is that she's doing fine now.


                    As for the race, I ran 5:25 yesterday.  Race report is here.


                    And...my week:

                    50 miles, 15 "miles" of pool-running, and 2000 yards of swimming
                    M: Yoga and 7.5 "miles" of pool-running
                    T: 12 miles, including a track workout of 2x800, 1600, 2x800. Split 3:01, 2:56, 5:57, 2:51, 2:47. Recoveries of 2:2x after the 800s, 4:55 after the 1600. Also light leg strengthwork and 1000 yards recovery swimming.
                    W: 5 miles very easy (9:02), yoga, and then 4 miles very easy (8:22).
                    Th: Upperbody weights, core and 7.5 "miles" of pool-running.
                    F: 9 miles, including a quick perk-me-up of 4x400, 2x200, 4x100 in 87, 90, 89, 88, 44, 43, 22, 21, 22, 21. 100m float between most; 200m float between the 200s and the 100s.. Followed with 1000 yards recovery swimming.
                    Sa: 7 miles easy (8:50).
                    Su: 4 mile warm-up, 5th Avenue Mile in 5:25; 1 mile cooldown. Later did 6 miles very easy (8:45)

                    Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                    And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

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                      pj bummer on passing. Life can kind of suck sometimes.


                      lauren: solid week.


                      dwave good job on the mile. Does that mean it's a PR?


                      rlk Do you know of any half marathons in the area between January and May that you'd recommend? A friend's kid might want to run his first. He's like top 3 in the northern part of our state for the 3200.


                      Locally there was a mile race. I didn't participate, however one guy from last year asked if we'd have a rematch. He did QUITE well for having done a 100 miler 3 months ago. I MIGHT have been 15/17 if I showed up and ran my time from last year. There are some FAST old guys


                      My week:

                      Slight cut back (32ish miles) from what was PLANNED....BUUUUUT...that's not bad. Camping this weekend, then tearing out the carpet in the trailer because I think I over filled the water tank, BBQ sauce spilled all over, and DW hated it since we bought the trailer. So I just hung out at Lake Tahoe, didn't worry about what the numbers on the paper said, accepted an unscheduled cut back week and told myself missing 1 long run won't hurt me at this point. Plus I NAILED my workouts.


                      Tu  6x1,000m with 400 jog. The book says 5, but the training paces section says 6, and 6 got me back to the start. I tried focusing on form for the run and keeping the legs loose when not pushing off the ground. Sounds odd, but I don't usually think about my form when I run. The START of the run was miserable (box of mike and ikes plus a Rockstar) and I thought I'd have to bail. Somehow it felt AMAZING when paces got hard.

                      Thursday: Sort of a "revenge" on last week when I was misearable. Drank more water during the day, run went MUCH better and it was on the same course in SIMILAR conditions (cooler, but also a little more headwind) and I NAILED paces (actually beat them by a few seconds) and two Maurten gels went down just fine...I think. Even TRX after felt easier than usual. A LOT of focus on how I felt, what the pace was, and everything I've read/learned from this forum over the past few years.

                      Friday: I ran to Chipotle. It'is really convenient having one nearby, and "ordering through the appy and picking a scheduled pickup time" being a thing.

                      Weekend: off.


                      the rest was just easy mileage as usual. Wednesday was another "sugar crash" run where I actually walked a lot of it heading home. So no more candy and sugar free rockstars before workouts or runs. Not like I'd eat/drink it during a run. AT least the weather is supposed to cool off, but maybe be windy.

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                        Last week was a pretty big cutback as I took it easy before the relay race on Friday & Saturday. Just a couple of easy 5 milers during the week. Just under 30 miles total running. Biking was short too due to Labor Day and Friday off work for the relay. 74 miles bike commuting.

                        Monday, Sep 02, 2019 thru Sunday, Sep 08, 2019

                        Day Miles Pace Description Link
                        Mon 5.4 9:18 Morning Run strava
                        Tue 13.1 4:03 Morning Bike Commute strava
                        Tue 6.5 4:26 Afternoon Bike (met wife halfway) strava
                        Wed 13.7 3:55 Morning Bike Commute strava
                        Wed 12.9 3:45 Afternoon Bike Commute strava
                        Thu 5.4 9:13 Morning Run strava
                        Thu 14.5 3:54 Morning Bike Commute strava
                        Thu 13.3 3:59 Afternoon Bike Commute strava
                        Fri 1.0 8:50 Warm up for BRR Leg 11 strava
                        Fri 8.2 7:32 Blue Ridge Relay Leg 11 (1 of 3 for me) strava
                        Sat 5.8 7:36 Blue Ridge Relay Leg 23 (2 of 3 for me) strava
                        Sat 4.1 8:36 Blue Ridge Relay Leg 35 (3 of 3 for me) strava


                        The relay was pretty fun. The strava elevation tells the story better than I can. My team started at 11:30am Friday and finished at about 3:30pm Saturday for a total of 28 hours. Good for 33rd overall and first in our division, but there was only one other team in our division.


                        My quads were pretty sore from some of the long (1 - 2 mile) downhills that I had. No easy way I could train for that sort of terrain at home. I also missed a turn on my second leg at 4 in the morning. Cost me an extra mile and about 8 minutes. Oops!

                        Speed Surplus

                          Quick drop off of last week. Happy with any week over 40 at this point! Trying to average 40+ for the rest of the year.


                          edit: Running was ~42 miles. Had an 18 mile ebike ride.


                          <tfoot> </tfoot>
                          Day Miles Pace Duration Description HR Egain Link
                          Tue 6.9 8:30 0:58 Belly full of coffee 136 (74%) 244 strava
                          Wed 7.5 8:29 1:03 OAB + partial loop 132 (72%) 250 strava
                          Thu 5.6 7:49 0:43 Failed tempo sandwich. 2 miles WU, 2 miles "tempo" (6:45, 6:58), then gave up. 143 (78%) 156 strava
                          Thu 18.5 3:02 0:56 Easy commute 114 (62%) 789 strava
                          Fri 9.1 8:01 1:13 Latest wacky commute idea - run the first half 151 (82%) 328 strava
                          Sun 13.1 7:58 1:44 I eat negative split 13 mile runs for breakfast 144 (78%) 175 strava
                            60.7 6:36 6:40     1942

                          5:27 / 19:03 / 40:32 / 88:12 / 3:12



                            Hey all.  106 miles for the week.  Event went really well and I completed 12 laps for 72 miles.  Hopefully quit soon enough not to damage myself too badly.  The Last One Standing completed the event with 102 miles.  Impressive performance in the heat.


                            2-15-20  Sun Marathon (Utah)

                            4-18-20  Zion 100 (Utah)


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                              good job beryl. I'm off to do 1,200s. TRX later. Moral is improving. I'm afraid this shouldn't be fun. you know...marathon training and all.

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                              From the Internet.

                                So I shocked and surprised myself at my first club tempo in a while this week - ran 7.5 miles at 6:58ish average; we do a 2.5 mile loop, so I had a pack that I just barely stayed in contact with for the first 5 miles/2 loops, then ran the last one totally alone as I'm the only one marathon training for an October race. Was glad to be done but not totally spent at the end (and I kicked it in a little because I couldn't help myself, lol).


                                I don't think I'll be able to run a tune-up race before the big day (we have SO MANY soccer commitments every weekend for the kid omg), but this definitely gave me a nice confidence boost! Historically a 6-7 mile tempo has indicated roughly HM pace for me and I'll probably run one more similar workout before taper, so I'll see if it was just a great day or if that's really where my fitness is right now.