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    I spent the last 2 months unable to run and race due to an IT band injury.  I put my thoughts into an article on Carolinannutrs.com.  I'd appreciate your thoughts.




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      This is a great article. Thanks for sharing. I cried a little bit reading it. It really rings true for me right now (as I sit home on my couch because I was just diagnosed with a stress fractured foot and the doctor insisted I take a few days off work since I have an active job that requires me to be on my feet, feeling really pathetic and sorry for myself and just wanting to RUN). I bit someone's head off yesterday that tried to tell me I'm probably not going to be completing my January half marathon. Because I still have in the back of my mind that mayyyybe if I do everything right I'll be ready in time. I'm not in acceptance yet. I'm in denial, anger, depression, by not acceptance. I really liked your article.


      PS a year ago I had ITBS too. I never thought I'd get past it. I did! And you will too.

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        Good article! I think I have finally reached the point where I just accept the fact that I have an issue/injury that needs rest to heal and I rest. I messed up my hip in a fall back in May but kept trying to run even though I could barely pick up my leg to put my pants on. I would rest for a week, pain would go away, then pain came back as soon as I started a run. I went through two months of that, plus a couple of useless visits to a sports MD before I found a great ART doctor. She had me take two months off running. I was about to go crazy and I missed two races during that time. But the therapy worked, and cross-training kept up my fitness. She got me running again short & slow at first, and 2-1/2 months later I ran my first half marathon pain free. I took a week-long recovery break after the race and weirdly developed a new pain by the end of that week (last week). Sunday I ran for the first time in 9 days and the pain was worse afterwards. It appears to be a peroneal muscle/tendon issue. What's different this time is my attitude about it. Sure, I wanted to get back out running as much as possible but I accepted the fact I need to rest and am taking the week off while cross training and self-massaging the painful area. I realize now that a short-term setback is no big deal compared to long-term running health. Took me a year to get that into my head!