2 Wins in June! (Read 992 times)

    I'm still floating on cloud 9 from the past few weeks of running. I just came back from injury in April and decided to run 3 local 5k races in the month of June. I surprised myself by winning the first one back on June 2nd (the Genoa Trails Festival 5k) with a time of 18:40. At that time, it was my fastest 5k since returning to running so I was psyched with the time and the win. One week later, I finished 12th overall (and 2nd in my age group) in the Muirfield 5k with a time of 18:21... good for a drop of 19 seconds and another modern day PR. And finally, last Thursday I won the Defend Your Friend 5k with a time of 17:52! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to be able to win races again or approach a sub 18 minute 5k. In between those races, I've also had the pleasure of running with some of the finest runners I have ever met... Jim Jurcevich (a 2:14 marathoner), Josh Ordway (a 2:15 marathoner), Chuck Engel (known as the marathon junkie who ran 53 marathons in 2006) as well as a slew of other elite distance runners that can run a sub 15 minute 5k in their sleep. June was truly a spectacular month which renewed my love for distance running and has me seriously reconsidering my goals!
      Keep riding the wave dude, but do watch out for the rocks. Wink


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        Nice job. Stay healthy!

        Princess Cancer Pants

          Chris, you should be proud of yourself--you did good! Big grin k

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            Wow, nice joBlack eyes)! Smile
            2009: BQ?
              Good job!! You are definitely heading in the right direction- keep it going!
                Congrats! I am truly jealous of your 5k times! Keep on running! Smile


                  Thanks, all! Smile The great people that are a part of this website helped keep me motivated... even when I was "on the bench" with an injury earlier in the year. You guys rock!