2018 3:20 (and beyond) (Read 308 times)

Jim E

    I can vouch for Jim, Dad, OMR, Max and Illana. They're real people. :-)


    Nah, we're imaginary. The lead mens wheelchairs finished just before wave 3 started. Desi waited for Shalane to finish her pit stop apparently.


      Okay, dude on twitter says from porta potty door open to close was less than 14 seconds.

      Jim E

        Mamitu Daska is making a break at halfway. Hoo boy.


          Linden working for Shalane and Huddle to pull the pack up to Daska?

          Jim E

            Dwave sped up in the second 5K. 7:10 pace. Other wave 1 runners seem to have done the same. The wind/rain let up for a while.

              ... and in "Understatements for 1000" we have trending on Twitter: "The weather for the Boston Marathon is less than ideal." No shyt.


              I can attest to PJ, DkW, McBen, Elizabeth, and Fly being real too.


                Boston Bibs


                flyrunnr 3932 Edited to be correct


                Darkwave 7560

                climber 9341 (maybe?)

                katia 10859


                elisabeth 12394


                I don't know everyone. Heck, I don't even know the guy who took something along the lines of 7 GUs in the last mile of a marathon but I know OF him. Apparently he wasn't the smallest guy in the race.


                Dave is 9340.

                Cat Disliker


                  Dave is 9340.

                  Nirmal Tool.


                  Did Rupp drop? I don't see him on the leaderboard online.

                  EDIT: nope its just my computer.

                  Jim E

                    Yuki Karauchi made a little break, but they caught him again. Desi's off the back of the pack. Dunno where Shalane is.

                    EDIT - Desi's doing OK,  the pack has broken up.


                      DWs third 5K was 7:09. Nice.

                      m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35


                        Shalane dropping, but Desi looking good.


                        So, is Rupp out? I don't see him either

                        Road Mile: 5:19 (2017), 5k: 18:10 (2017), 10k: 38:25 (2017, course was 6.1), HM: 1:25:16 (2018), M: 3:05:41 (2018)

                        Jim E

                          Desi is third and maybe gaining


                            DW's fourth 5K is 7:10 and 1:34:50 at the half.

                            m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35


                              Holy cow Desi could win this...

                              Rupp is done. DNF and race London?

                              Jim E

                                Yeah, Desi is looking smooth and is now in the lead. Mile 22-ish. The two women she passed are done, and there's no one else in sight.