GPS upload discrepancy (Read 45 times)



    Could you please have a look at this workout automatically uploaded from Garmin Connect:



    Firstly you will notice that the workout summery has a total of 8km, where as the distance is actually 7.83km (on Garmin Connect and the watch it self) and 7.8km on Strava. I know this could simply be rounding and it is really a small difference, but you will also notice that the intervals is somewhat odd. On RH there is 9 intervals (notice the last 2 intervals). On Garmin, Strava and on the watch it is 8 intervals (with the last interval a fraction of a KM).


    Maybe it is OCD, but could you please have a look.


    I use a Garmin FR 620.

    Browser is Chrome 44.0.2403.155 m



    Francois Nel



      I have this problem too! I use a Garmin 310 XT (Browser Firefox).

      (the upload into Garmin-Trainingscenter is ok)





        I think this is the same problem others have reported.  See this thread.  Eric is looking in to it.


        For a couple of workouts, I compared what was on RA with what was on Garmin Connect and it seemed to me RA was just adding an extra lap.  So, I've just been deleting the last lap and manually calculating the distance/elapsed time.  (I also noticed at the end of my workout, my FR220 shows the correct distance/time.  If I had a better memory, I would try to remember it before hitting "Save"/"Done".)


          ok, thank you for your link! this was the problem Smile