Future event entries appear as bike workouts when edited (Read 19 times)

Dictator for Life

    Hi Eric, a bug I've noticed with the new update:

    I have event entries for future races on my calendar. When I go to edit the entry, it opens as a bike workout. Additionally, I can't edit the entry since it is in the future! Just wanted to make you aware of this issue, thanks for all of your work.

    an amazing likeness

      Good catch!


      They are opening as Bike when you go to edit them because the new log is treating them as workout entries rather than event entries, and Bike is the first option in the workout type list.


      Regardless of that detail...you're right -- event entries can't be edited because they get treated as a workout when you open them. I'll bet Eric fixes this in a coming release.

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      eric :)


        Dictator for Life

          Thanks Eric!