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    Sorry, don't have time to shout out to everyone:


    Dad - the 100m "float" in the 25x400 is supposed to be 30 seconds - so 8:00 pace.  If you slow that down to 33-34 or longer, it becomes a completely different workout.


    CK - sore toes makes me wonder if you're clenching your toes to stabilize in someway.


    HMP during marathon training: Through out the entire cycle I touch on it, all the way up to 10 days out.  Actually, I generally touch on nearly all paces (to use Dad's phasing) during my training for various distances.  When focusing on shorter distances, I still do some MP in my long runs.  And when marathon training, I'll still run at 10K pace or a bit faster in intervals, plus do strides.  For myself, I run better if I have a lot of variety in my training, and maintain a lot of different gears.  What changes for me is the weight I place on each.  Half-marathon training is all about tempos; when marathon training, the marathon pace stuff and long runs is priority #1.

    HMP work raises your lactate threshold, which in turn makes it easier aerobically to maintain marathon pace.


    10 miles for me today.  3 very easy to yoga (9:30), yoga, then 7 very easy home (8:54) plus drills and strides.  You can tell by the before and after paces just how much limbering up in yoga helps my stride.


    Will hopefully swing by tomorrow to drop off my week, congratulate the racers, and update the race post.

    Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.

    Arvind Balaraman

      Hi All


      Back to training after being bedridden with scarlet fever in Feb. Endurance has taken a hit. Slowly getting it back.


      My training last week

      Long Run Sat, 3/10/2018 Sat LSD on tired legs 1:53:20 13.13 <abbr>mi</abbr> 620 <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Ride Fri, 3/9/2018 Spinning 30:01 1.18 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Run Fri, 3/9/2018 1WU 8:47 1.00 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Workout Fri, 3/9/2018 Foam rolling 16:25 0.48 <abbr>mi</abbr> 0 <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Crossfit Thu, 3/8/2018 HIIT 31:43 1.66 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Run Thu, 3/8/2018 2WU 18:13 2.00 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Run Thu, 3/8/2018 Missing Miles 1<abbr>s</abbr> 0.39 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Run Thu, 3/8/2018 Easy 5 43:01 4.61 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Crossfit Thu, 3/8/2018 Foam Rolling 20:12 0.90 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Workout Wed, 3/7/2018 Hill Repeats 54:50 6.28 <abbr>mi</abbr> 732 <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Crossfit Wed, 3/7/2018 HIIT 25:53 1.70 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Crossfit Wed, 3/7/2018 Foam Rolling 15:00 0 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Workout Tue, 3/6/2018 Missing miles 1<abbr>s</abbr> 0.50 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Workout Tue, 3/6/2018 1WU + 8X[800m, 400RI] +1CD 1:10:43 7.54 <abbr>mi</abbr> - <abbr>ft</abbr>    
      Run Mon, 3/5/2018 Easy 5 42:33 5.31 <abbr>mi</abbr> 128 <abbr>ft</abbr>    

      pie man


        My dude, I saw rancid and dropkick murphys like 6 months ago. The crowd was just as old as me. It's fine. I considered going to warped this summer, but the lineup sucks. The only band I would like to see is reel big fish, which I have seen a dozen times at least. Not worth it.


        Ha.  I used to go to the warped tour with my dad back in the day.  I think the real answer is I just stopped going going to bigger shows.


        Sorry, D.  If you were at Udvar-Hazy it might have been actually me that did get you sick.  I think I'm already on the downside of this I thing, but it feels like the type that will leave a cough for about a week.  Not the best scenario.


        I have have only run once in the last 5 days, but i'll probably do some miles in the morning.  Might actually be good to be this rested?

        2018 - 10m - 1:06:59


        Will Run for Donuts!

          RJones - Good job running with your son, bummer about the jacket. 4:33 isn't slouching without training. How old is DS?


          Thanks.  My son is 18.  He was a solid XC runner back in HS (5K PR in the upper-16s) but never really did much in the way of endurance training, so he fades on the longer stuff.  Plus, now that's he's out of HS, motivation has gone out the window.  With actual training, he might be looking at sub-3, but he's a long way from that right now.


            May have hit a significant setback today.  Perhaps my tired and tight legs early in runs were trying to tell me something.

            I went out for an easy 6 miles this morning and literally couldn't run a step without significant sharp pain in the left hip/groin (different hip from that weird thing a couple weeks ago). I have had an achy soreness on this side for a few weeks, but it subsides rather quickly during runs, which typically indicates tightness or soreness as it got better with exercise, but today it just got worse and worse. I ran maybe 50 meters and had to stop. Decided to do an extended warm up and stretching. Tried running again, made it 20 meters. I walked a mile with mild pain and called it quits.

            I was in Memphis, so didn't head to the doctor, but am working on an appointment for tomorrow or Wednesday back home.

            From my running history this feels a lot more like injury than soreness. It just sucks that I did 15 miles yesterday and this pain essentially wasn't there after a few minutes warming up, now it hurts running, walking, and even sitting at times. This is pretty dejecting less than 2 weeks from race day.


            Anyways, I'll keep ya posted.

            Road Mile: 5:19 (2017), 5k: 18:10 (2017), 10k: 38:25 (2017, course was 6.1), HM: 1:25:16 (2018), M: 2:57:18 (2018)


            Will Run for Donuts!

              Ace: So sorry to hear that!  Hope you heal up quickly!


                Ace: So sorry to read that.  fingers crossed for a small thing that can clear during the forced taper


                FB: I think I'm in 3:05 shape, but I think I can settle for 3:10... Regardless, Borington weather is always a lottery.


                Brew: Congrats on the PR!


                Really nice weeks, and Keen leads the volume.


                HMP pace in the last weeks.  Thanks for the advice, will try to do some in these last 5 weeks


                Toes: I've never had issues with my toes, it would be too much because nipples or leg chafing are a constant.


                  May have hit a significant setback today.  Perhaps my tired and tight legs early in runs were trying to tell me something.


                  Anyways, I'll keep ya posted.


                  Ugh - big bummer. Hopefully a day or two off will set things straight again.

                  Cat Disliker

                    Leprachaun 5K (results)

                    The leprechaun Chase 5K is a fundraiser for a local Discovery Museum. $25 race fee open to walkers, joggers, sprinters, children, women, men, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and maybe even animals. When the last person crosses the start line there is the “Official Leprechaun”, usually a local super fast runner, who takes off attempting to pass as many people as possible. The entry fee of everyone passed is donated to the Discovery Museum. Everyone who isn’t passed receives a pint glass celebrating their beating of the leprechaun. The leprechaun typically averages a 7:00/mi pace. When I first hear of this race I was just starting to run and a coworker said the leprechaun was way too fast to beat. I realize now how the average runner would think a 22:00 5K is really fast. I have 2 pint glasses going into this race.


                    Warm –up

                    My last race I can remember was this race in 2016. I don’t even know what a warm up is at this point other than something you do before a really hard race. The shorter the race the closer to the start time you want to warm up. 2016 was a cold year and I ran the whole course.  I PR’d. Why not follow suit since it was 32F forecast and I was cold. Around mile 2 is when my hands don’t feel cold anymore (I’m wearing gloves and a beanie) and I pass all the volunteers getting to their posts. I don’t thank a single one of them (sorry, but..eh) and going into mile 3 I see a motorcycle police officer pull someone over for driving on the course. In their defense the race starts in like 15 minutes and the winner will be here about 10 minutes after that soooooo off he goes with a warning, I think. I get back to the start, grab my race bib out of the truck and have about 15 minutes to figure out how to race. I did a couple hill sprints about 5 minutes before the race and settle in near  the front by the 6:00/mi pace sign. I notice kids…


                    This race organization has volunteers hold up signs for self-seeding. 6:00 pace at the starting line. 7-8, 10-12, etc, walkers and even signs for strollers towards the rear. Usually this works. I notice about 8 middle school aged kids. One has a draw string backpack on. They’re wearing hooded swearshirts. I’m standing directly behind them when the race director announces to self-seed based on pace “with the fastest runners up front.” One girl looks at the sign, looks at her friends and no one moves, except me. I’ll let someone else run through the kids trying to sprint the first ¼ mile of 5K. I’ll move behind the kids with race team singlets on. They’re going to beat me (10 and 14 years old) by more than enough (6:10 pace) it won’t be a problem. They introduce the new leprechaun as a local college athlete who just graduated, yadda, yadda, ya.


                    Race starts and I’m pulling 6:00 pace trying to slow down and checking my garmin about every 3 seconds. I hear “Stroller behind” and move out of the way. Passing kids at the ¼ mile and hearing them say they have cramps already. Settle into 6:26 pace with a slight downhill for the next mile. I see an “instagram runner” ahead of me and assume he’s going for sub 20. I’ve created a dislike for him because I just in general don’t like people claiming some product helps them train better or work harder knowing full well you’re “sponsored” by them and are just using it to get more free “swag” I’ll call it. Pass him around mile 1 feeling great. Maybe I can get this done and all that training, and rest, has seriously helped. I also start wondering where rlk might be in this race. Maybe that guy represents her. Maybe the girl ahead does. Just keep digging.


                    Mile 2 starts a long gradual uphill. I notice I’m dropping to 6:36 pace. Well maybe but I’ll have a downhill to make this up. Around mile 1.5 I’m pushing 180-182 bpm which I haven’t done in a while. Like ever. I tell myself it’s because I’m doing a 5K and it’s a little different than a marathon. I make a u Turn and head towards mile 3 with a downhill and start scanning the crowd for the leprechaun. Typically this is where I see “him” nut “he” retired and it’s a “she” who is fresh out of college and ran for the local university. “Never doubt the NCAA athlete” Previously they did 21 minutes and I should be safe for that but sub-20 is gone. I start getting stomach cramps, probably from breathing and running 180 bpm, and just try to salvage the race.


                    Mile 3

                    Stomach cramps kind of go away and I see the leprechaun. I should be safe for a pint glass but if she catches me I’m probably going to start walking. This feels like NeRPs diaper contents. Instagram runner passes me. Great. Another girl passes me “I ran 20 miles yesterday” she says to a friend ahead of me. “ME TOO!” is his reply. F.Y.B. I think to myself. I don’t see the leprechaun in the usual location where I was closer to not getting a pint glass. I’m doing 7:00 pace. There is a slight hill before the finish line I used for doing hill repeats before the race. I get to the top of it and drop the hammer to bring it home strong because I see I’m SO CLOSE to 20:00 I could maybe go 20:15. Just run as hard as you can. I hang on to the finish, cross and find the nearest fence to lean on and recover. 20:22. It’s a PR. I'm 30th overall and 8th in my age group (30-39, 1-3 were 6:00 or faster) and 4 kids 14 and under beat me by A LOT.


                    As I exit the finish line there are volunteers handing out the pint glass for those who beat the leprechaun. I grab mine and notice a local news channel is about 20 feet from the exit. We lock eyes. I can’t remember if I had my sunglasses on but I just had that “Hey do you want to be interviewed after the race since you have a pint glass?” “sure” conversation in my head. Well all I remember her asking is “so how do you feel” and something to the effect of “why this race” or something. I wish I’d said “well I’d rather be here walking 3 miles than sitting at home watching tv. Congrautlations to all the people who got off the couch this morning.” But I’m sure it wouldn’t come out as “be active and healthy” like I intended it. I joked with the wife “If only I’d worn the beanie from your dad’s work.”

                    Since DW asked for donuts from the place next to the race start (Holy Schmidt) donuts I walk in there expecting it to be packed. DW reminds me the people who like donuts don’t run as fast as I do. PFFFFF bullSHEEEEEEEET. Grab myself a maple bar, head to the truck and drive home. I realize I didn’t do a cool down because I don’t race short races anymore.


                    What I learned:

                    5Ks are hard. Running fast is hard and a 20 minute tempo run is nothing compared to an all out 5K.

                    Training to go fast is required to go faster. It sounds dumb but after not training for speed for over a year I’m glad I could PR but I need more speed. Sooner than later.

                    Going over 180 BPM isn’t good in a race. I knew this but it was reinforced this weekend.

                    32F requires gloves and a beanie for a race. Even after a warm up.

                    Training paces. My training leading up to this was mostly based on a 5K goal. It ended up being interval repeats at 5K pace before I knew what 5K pace was. I’m happy and sad about this since moving forward it SHOULD be easier to train with an actual 5K. There are a few 10Ks in town I could train for to get a little bit better time but it depends who you ask when using a training time for a race.

                    Personal Record/Best. I accomplished what I’ll call a “b goal” since I only had an A goal until after the race was over. It never occurred to me if I didn’t hit my A goal I could still PR and get training paces until AFTER the race. With the past 2 weeks off, or at least it feels like that, I had time to rest and look into Jack Daniels training. I’m going to need some type of fast running in order to hit 3:07 or faster in Chicago.

                    VDOT I'm at a 48.8. 3.9 L/min according to spreadsheets and tables. If I dropped down to 160 lbs I'd be calculated to be at 54. Losing weight needs to happen.and closer to a 19:00 5K on the same course.


                    Rlk is on steroids or something. Seriously beats a PR by 15 seconds. Oh and she is kind of famous.


                    For those who are interested the Leprechaun ran 21:18. 122 out of 1348. IT's $12 for an adult to enter the Discovery Museum and $10 for kids. The race organizer donated $30,650 by my math. I'm sure they'll post an amount later this week. Last place did 22:49/mile. I walk around 27:00-30:00/mile.

                    1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                    5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                    10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                    Half: 1:34:26 (2016)

                    Marathon 3:13:20 (2016)


                    2018 Goal: Get into the 4/20/20 marathon

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                      Keen DW is also creating a stockpile. She wants to have enough to quit pumping at some point. It’s a TON of work and I’m just trying to do what I can to support it. Awesome you’re going to donate what you can. Remember, we had to use a little when NeRP was first born. I couldn’t find a link to the video. I’m slightly sad.

                      Liana I didn’t pick up what you were putting down about it being 2018. I just picked one of the autopopulated selections in the URL bar. Good catch. Your “errand biking” made me think of some local runners. A group did a “150 miels in 150 days” and some people are WAY out front. They’re recording their walks to the store along with runs. I think it’s kind of dumb to record a walk when you run a 9:00 easy pace but I don’t think there is an overall first place prize.

                      Katia yeah Daycare starts in April. HOPEFULLY it helps with a schedule but as DW pointed out it’s a guessing game at this pint, I mean point. Also, hella cool you went to warped tour at such a young age. Good luck with the high mileage training. Is there a goal or just to requalify?

                      Ace Hopefully you feel better soon. I had a “legs feel like crap” run yesterday for the first mile and I was thinking of you. Also how a 5k kind of hurts so maybe that is why I need to run easier. Maybe a little more rest is going to be a good thing for you.

                      Omr Either replacement or repair, I hope you fell better and get a good recovery. Also, way to keep pestering MAX for his RR. I mean, he can coach people and run all the time. Maybe he has the audio version of it and he’s editing out all the talking to himself from the race.

                      SC Way to go on 40 miles. It’s my goal (roughly) to stay there and I’m hoping weather cooperates so I could POSSIBLY push 50. I mean, it’s only 2 extra miles per run during the week.

                      Arvind Welcome Back. It looks like a LOT of training during the week for you. Wednesday looks painful. HIIT, and hills.. wow.

                      Max Hope all is well with you. I’m sure there is only so many hours you have to do everything and runs are now time to yourself being invaded by everything else. Next race?

                      NeRP is doing well. A friend suggested using “warm” milk instead of the bottle heater. I didn’t even think about it. Half the heating time, or just pull it out of the fridge sooner. He didn’t seem to mind. Previously I tried giving him cold, like fresh out of the fridge, milk and he hated it. The “warm” milk means I could take a bottle or two with me while running errands. I could feed him in the truck if I had to but instead of needing to be home in 2 hours I can be gone for 4-5. MONUMENTAL!

                      Back to daddy daycare. Tummy time and chiropractor today. Weather is going downhill and I left my vegetables outside so a couple didn’t make it through the frost. Seeds are cheap and it’s still early in the season.

                      1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                      5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                      10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                      Half: 1:34:26 (2016)

                      Marathon 3:13:20 (2016)


                      2018 Goal: Get into the 4/20/20 marathon


                         Training to go fast is required to go faster.




                        DkW ~ Thanks.


                        Ace ~ Hope it's just a blip.


                        All this snow in Botswana; hard to believe it'll be upper 60s, sunny, mild humidity (and breezy from NE) in just over a month.


                        Aspiring Hobby Jogger

                          Brew - Amusing RR. I like the idea of having a fast(ish) runner chasing down the pack and donating to charity. Being the leprechaun sounds like good times. Those are some REALLY fast little kids!
                          Playing around with the Daniels' calculator is fun. It also shows some interesting, but somewhat terrifying, possibilities.

                          DWave - Thanks for the input, I hadn't thought of that being a possibility at all. It didn't bother me in my run today, but I'll try staying aware of that during my upcoming runs.

                          Ace - I hate to hear that. At least you're heading into the taper anyway, and hopefully this gets resolved before race day.

                          Jaime - Have you tried 2Toms? Toe issues along with chaffage would be a lot to deal with.



                          DD1 has a 1 mile "race" at her school Friday afternoon. So far we haven't made it out to the track to "train" any, but I think we'll be able to do that tomorrow at least, and maybe Thursday as well.


                          I'm beginning a cut-back week. Yesterday was a typical workout day, today was 1 mile shorter than usual. That already feels weird. I'm probably going to feel like I'm not doing anything when I cut another mile or two out on the rest of my runs this week.

                          5k: 18:54 9/18 │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:28:01 4/18 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18

                          Upcoming Race(s):



                          Pace Prophet

                            Ace - aw, bummer.  Extreme taper time!


                            Arvind - didn't know people still got scarlet fever these days.  Glad you're feeling better.


                            Dwave - hmm, maybe I should do yoga.


                            I actually did my McKenzies first thing this morning, since my back was grouchy, and then I did one set of the core exercises I used to do two sets of 3x/week.  I need to get back into the swing of them because right now my midsection hurts for days after doing just one set.


                            Supposed to be 58F today, 62 tomorrow.  I hope to get out on the mtb today. I've pretty much given up the ski pass this year as a lost cause.  Um, sorry, you guys in the northeast!

                            PRs: 10 1:12:59 (4/2014) 13.1 1:35:55 (10/2013) 26.2 3:23:31 (12/2013)

                            bloggy stuff at http://ilanarama.dreamwidth.org


                              Brew:  Well done on gutting it out after feeling like that in mile 2.  Regarding max, perhaps he is planning on switching to audio blogs rather than writing all of that out?  Or maybe he's working on Chapter 23 right now?

                              fb:  While I feel like an absolute sloth in general (how did I ever feel good back before I started running?), I've been too busy to really focus on it much.


                              Thanks to everyone.  MRI was this morning.  The person administering it said it would take about 20 minutes.  After lying there for a while, she chimed in on the audio with "We're getting some movement...just 8 more minutes."  Wait what, I was moving???  I asked her about that after I was finished, and she said sometimes the magnets will cause tingling in the nerves...oh, OK, so that wasn't in my head.  Those last 8 minutes of "trying to be more still than the absolutely still that I thought I already was" were torture.  Waiting to get a call from the doctor.  Hopefully that will happen yet today.

                              Cat Disliker

                                omr hope you get some great news. Plan for the worst, pray for the best, hope for somewhere in-between is what I like to tell myself. Maybe max IS doing podcasts now and just wants to get those first 25 1 hour segments broken into half hour ones so he can be a year ahead. I like you're thinking.


                                Keen Yeah I played with it a little. From the outside it seems to be very similar to Hansons. I see time vs mileage as a difference however the time can be converted to miles. I should probably read more of the book and also embrace time as an indicator since Chicago apparently is HORRIBLE for using GPS to pace.


                                I still need to find a place for Chicago and buy plane tickets.

                                1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                                5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                                10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                                Half: 1:34:26 (2016)

                                Marathon 3:13:20 (2016)


                                2018 Goal: Get into the 4/20/20 marathon