Treadmill new or refurbished (Read 175 times)

    Rehabbing from a case of PF.  I'm looking to slowly get back into running, and getting a treadmill looks like the most time efficient way to fit running back into my other life duties.


    Anyone heard of Global Fitness?  They refurbish commercial treadmills.  They are selling Life Fitness 95 TI's  for around $2800.  (I don't mind spending money for something that will last, but wouldn't want to go too far above that price range).  Not sure about their reputation.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  


    I can also get a new Life Fitness 5-5 from a local dealer. 


     I looked at Landice, but starting price is around $4200.  Lifetime warranty s nice, but would still have to pay the labor cost.  



    2012 Goals:

    Stay healthy, stay running

    Lose those extra pounds 


      Most of time I run outside.  When it's raining I run on treadmill.  Mine is second hand from craiglist.  It's working pretty well now.  If you run it every day extensively (over 1 hour), it's another story.