Driving from Chicago to San Diego via I-40W. Where to run? Sights to see? (Read 391 times)




    This summer I will be driving out to San Diego. I was trying to scout out some awesome places to run along the way, but I don't even really know where to start looking. I'm thinking mostly state parks and places like that, but any suggestions?

    Also, does anyone know of some interesting / weird sights along the way? Cool sights, or random things (like the world's largest paperclip) would be great.

    This is the route I'll probably be taking:




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      I just spent a few days off of I-40 a month ago.  You will go directly through Petrified Forest National Park in eastern Arizona.  It was very cool.  The southern part has more of the petrified wood, but the northern part has the Painted Desert and Badlands, which is just beautiful.  Also worth checking out if you have time is Chaco Culture National Historic Park.  It is about and hour and a half north of I-40 in western New Mexico, but it has structures dating back to the 800's and a eight mile loop going through the area that is fun to run.

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        Big thumbs up for Chaco.  Also you will go through Winslow Arizona.  Ain't much happening there, but you can stand on the corner waiting for a girl in a flatbed ford to slow down and take a look at you.


        There are various running clubs in cities/towns along the way.  You should consider hooking up with them for a group run... or contacting them for cool places to run.  For example, the TATUR folks in Tulsa.


        As "world's largest X" goes, I-40 is not the location of lots of stuff like that.  The world's largest ball of twine is in northern kansas.  And the world's largest frying pan?  That one is problematic.  Turns out, (at least) six places make that claim (click me), but none will be near you.


        HOWEVER, you will be passing through Amarillo.


        1. Try to eat the 72oz steak and all the sides in an hour.  For free. (Big Texan Steak Ranch.  Warning: it plays audio)


        2. Cadillac Ranch!


        3. Palo Duro Canyon.


        Running in #3 will allow you to try #1.



          Oh yeah.  I-40 basically replaced Route 66.  Here is a link to some pictures of Route 66 stuff, if you want to hunt for random cool stuff.


            I live in Amarillo. Historic Route 66 is a fun place to hang out. Also, The Big Texan is a fun atmosphere, but I'd pass on the food. There are way better steaks other places. A definite yes on Palo Duro Canyon. Lots of good trails, and it's scenic.