Export running history from Runstastic (Read 33 times)



    Any ideas on how this can be done? I can live without all the GPS data, but I would like basic info such as date, distance, elapsed time, type of run, and comments. A simple CSV would be perfect.

    It's also likely were I to get this done, I'd have a follow up question on how easy it would be to import that data into RunningAHEAD. The aforementioned CSV would be helpful for one project, but I'd eventually like to move everything over to here. I don't really want to kiss goodbye to 4100+ miles of logged runs!



    eric :)

      It depends mostly on what Runstastic exports and in what format.  If you have GPS data, then you would retain all your data.  CSV works too, but you would only have basic data.  Once you have the data from Runstastic, I can help you import it into RA.