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    This is the first time I have ever done this forum thing so sorry if I get it wrong!


    I started running after one of those silly comments 'I'm going to run a marathon for charity' it all started well then I did my knee in or so I thought, it healed and off I went again, booked in for the Brighton marathon 2011 and followed their training plan but I keep getting this knee pain, ended up going to chyropractor and he said my body was wrongly alined and sorted me out.  Fantastic............. Then I got serious and now when I hit 12-13 miles the pain in my knee comes back just like someone sticking a red hot needle in it.  Am I fighting a loosing battle and can I make the 26 miles? The small charity I am running for will get a fair bit of money that I have been promised and I dont want to let them down, but I also dont want to mess up for long term .... how can I get this back/ knee thing sorted once and for all... HELP please. Chris.

      you need to figure out exactly what is wrong with your knee. so give us as much information about that as you can.

        As Beastie says, some more info would help. Like how hard do you run these long runs?

        What's your breathing like when you run? How fast have you built up? How heavy are you?


        More than likely you are just doing too much too soon. If you're dead set on doing this marathon, I suggest

        going to JeffGalloway.com and use the run/walk method he prescribes. It might help to heal the injury,

        as well give you a strategy for finishing the marathon.


        Good luck! Cool


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          maybe see a doctor. 

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            Yes, we need more info. I would not recommend for anyone to simply start running to do a marathon unless you have 1 year to work with. You need to be fit and adjusted to "the pounding" of running to start training for a marathon. You more than likely are just experiencing stress reactions to the pounding.

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              Ditto on the Galloway run/walk/run approach to reducing the knee pain. Might also add an elastic knee brace. I used to use one from Futura when I first started running. overtime I was able to wean my self from the support as other muscles strengthened and form improved.

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