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    thanks. I hate getting left out.

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      T Hound, the 2 bib swapping incidents I came across were both at local high schools. These were small races, like less than 100 people, and low entry fees. Both swappers were known by those in the school. Definitely not a case of a sold out race. The one where the boy won OA female was to raise money for the American Cancer Society in honor of a teacher. So less money went to charity by swapping.

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        How did I forget the Verve Pipe🙀


        2019 Races:  John Dick Memorial 50K, WI, 6:52.  Potawatomi 50 mile IL 4/5, 13:14

        Earth Day 50k, 4/20, IL, Episode 4- 5:49:54 (hey I worked for those 6 sec!). Kettle Morraine 100 mile 6/1.  



          I ran in high school some but stopped in my late teens and didn't run again until I was 49. At that point, I pulled up a novice marathon training plan via (free to access with no strings attached, BTW) and followed it to a tee and then ran my first marathon as my first race since my teenage years on a hilly trail course in 5:18. Before I started training, I had gone on a diet and went from 255 - 230ish. After I started training my weight dropped even more...down to 210. That was back in Oct 2010 and I haven't stopped running since. I've since PR'd in under 4 hours.


          The running community is mostly a positive bunch of folks but there can be some that have a competitive mindset both on and off the race course and on discussions like these. I'm sure my decision to run a marathon as my first race would have been discouraged by many highly opinionated and, yes, experienced and knowledgeable runners, but there are different types of runners with different goals. The ultra-community tends to be more chill and will run/walk longer distances. In my experience, they also tend to be a more social bunch. When you run a marathon and shorter distances, there does seem to be more completive folks in these races, some of whom (but not all by any means) can sometimes respond to things a little negatively.


          I would encourage anyone with any race goal continue to pursue this if that's what you want to do, but just be mindful of your limits at any given moment, including any medical concerns so you aren't hurt or wind up in the hospital. Initially it's best to start with a training plan. Just remember the more ambitious the goal, there greater risk, but also greater rewards if successful. It is important to balance potential risk with potential reward and make a healthy decision for you.


          As far as time limits goes, what has been mentioned regarding race directors coordinating the logistics of a race probably has more to do with these decisions than anything else.

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            I’m just pleased that I ran my first marathon without any internet advice. 😀

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              I’m just pleased that I ran my first marathon without any internet advice. 😀


              I asked in one of the forums. I was expecting "no, you idiot, that's a dumb idea".  No one thought my 6 week plan was stupid or they figured let me find that one out for myself. That said, my only goal was to finish upright. I also only did it knowing that baring a spectacular crash and burn, I would be under the 6 hour cut off.