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    What are some good ways to help work on keeping my pace consistent.



    I have been helped by track workouts. I watch the lap time every 100m (and manually lap the watch every 400m lap). A 1 second difference in 100m is about a 16 second difference per mile.



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      It can't confirm or refute anything when it varies thirty seconds either way of what I am really running. I have had someone on a bike with a wheel-mounted bike computer confirm I was holding constant pace on wide open, flat ground while it does this. If you do the math with the advertised inherent accuracy level of the device, this is not that surprising.


      And even the bike-specific units are pretty flaky for instantaneous pace.  I can be pedaling at a steady cadence in a constant gear and it jumps around a LOT.  If I turn off the GPS (as I do on the indoor trainer) and let the distance/cadence/speed sensor do the work it's not at all spastic.

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        On my 205 I can get the pace bouncing to mostly go away by changing the pace smoothing function.  Pace smoothing is basically the average pace and how many data points it uses to determine that average pace.


          Unless I'm missing it, the 310xt doesn't seem to have pace smoothing...


          I switched my settings to use the footpod for speed. I'll see over my next couple speed workouts whether that improves things.