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    Ace congratulations to you and the wife. Enjoy the weekend.

    1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

    5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

    10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

    Half: 1:34:26 (2016)

    Marathon 3:13:20 (2016)

    Annual Miles 1,892.7 miles


    2019 Goal: Get into the 4/20/20 marathon


      Had a decent workout yesterday. 2 easy, 2 x 15:00 tempo w/ 3:00 rest, 2 easy. Totaled 8.8 miles. Goal was 6:20, but had trouble getting the turnover going. I averaged closer to 6:25. I was pleasantly surprised that breathing wasn't too bad at this pace, it was more an issue of the legs keeping pace. Feeling closer to being back in shape. THis was also my first run using a pre-programmed workout on my Garmin. It worked great, but with my erratic pacing, I got a lot of beeps  saying "SLOW".

      Garmin don't care about variable terrain. I prefer to go for the overall tempo average to be close to whatever goal pace I have.


      6:25 is still a good tempo pace for a sub-3 target. It seems I remember reading that tempo pace can be about 15-20 second less than MP. That's right around there.

      Arvind Balaraman



        Ran 8.5 miles today.  3 mile warm-up (8:26), then 4x800 at 2:59, 3:01, 2:58, 2:52.  2.5 mile cooldown (9:01) plus some very light injury prevention work at the gym.


        BTW, if anyone wants to track, I'm bib F75.  Weather still looking less than perfect, but OMR makes a good point about the wind off the lake.


        Killer Yassos. Best wishes for your Race


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          McB - You read correctly. For distances past that I've used something before/during, but in general I don't take any nutrition before/during my runs unless it's a race or I'm specifically testing out nutrition for a race.

          Ace - Nice workout, and happy anniversary. Enjoy the nearly kiddo-free weekend!



          I did loops around the local little league fields this morning and during one I saw that there was a hawk sitting on the fence around the track.I took the opportunity and headed over to the track for few laps and wound up getting several passes within about 20' of the hawk. I thought it was quite interesting the way itseemed to make eye contact with me and follow me with its head while I went around the curve.

          5k: 18:54 9/18 │ 10k: 38:56 4/18 │ HM: 1:28:01 4/18 │ M: 3:04:13 11/18

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          OKC Memorial Marathon 4/28

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          Tunnel to Towers 5k 8/31

          Wurst Race Half 10/5

          Jim E

             Jim - interesting on settling into altitude - I wouldn't have expected that.


            It was a matter of finding the right effort level. I go out at what seems an OK pace, but then realize I'm breathing super hard, so back off, and breathing gets better. It a bit like one of those showers where there's a delay between adjusting the temperature and feeling the effect. After a few minutes I get the hang of it and it feels normal (until I peek at my Garmin).


            Mother of Cats


              Killer Yassos. Best wishes for your Race

              Thank you!


              McBen - do you recommend doing 10 800s 5 days out?  Or just drinking heavily?


              Jim - ah - that makes sense.


              Ace - congrats on the anniversary!


              CK - I saw deer on my run both yesterday and today.  Thought of you.


              Hi to the rest of y'all.


              5.5 very easy this morning (8:50) followed by drills, strides, very light upper body strength, and DIY yoga.  And that's a wrap on this cycle.  1 single mile on Friday to shake stuff out, and then the marathon.


              Just booked plane tix for CIM.  Actually gonna fly in on Wednesday to give myself a few days to recover from the flight.

              Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


              And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

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                McBen - do you recommend doing 10 800s 5 days out?  Or just drinking heavily? 



                  Ace:  Curious...why were orthotics prescribed for you?  Congrats on your 9th!  (Our 30th is in about a week and a half.)  And "code brown"...hahaha!

                  McBen:  I'm hoping that there's an easy run or two still left in my old man legs/hips.  Wishful thinking, I suppose.

                  Keen:  "Why is that human running around in little ovals?" asked the hawk.  "Perhaps he will be my dinner."

                  Jim:  I like rlk's description of your contribution.

                  Dwave:  I am not going to jinx you by suggesting that there is a forecast indicating a 10mph tailwind.  Nope...not gonna do it.  Perhaps if I say it also looks slightly warm and humid, the gods will present you with upper 40s/low 50s, cloudy, and a slight tailwind?

                  3/2:  Old Pueblo 50M

                  6/1:  Kettle Morraine 100M


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                    Rare catchup.


                    Sir Jim: are bagpipes a regular feature of that event?  Definite turnoff for me.  You can do that same route on trails uphill from the road, and not have to deal with bagpipes.

                    RunTheChamp: Congrats on your weekly distance PR.

                    Rovatti: Bummer about your calf pain.

                    McB: You aren't recovered from R2R2R yet.  Trust me on this - you might feel recovered, but you won't be for another couple weeks.  Trails don't beat you up like constant pace on pavement does, but 45+ miles on a trail beats you up in a deep way.

                    Brew: Sorry we missed each other.  I've been to breweries a couple times since you were here though to make up for it.

                    Ilana: Please put those fires out before mid-July.  Thank you.

                    Clever: Correction - we had terrible air quality last summer and you shouldn't have exercised.  But some stupid people did anyway.

                    PJ: Congrats on becoming eligible to be a Maniac.

                    Keen: In our city here, we have intersections where the lights/signs are totally unnecessary because the gridlock makes the intersection impossible even with the signs.

                    DW: Good luck at Grandmas.

                    OMR: Yay on 70 minute continuous runs.

                    Hi y'all that I missed.


                    I think I mentioned that the PT figured out one of my hamstrings (biceps femoris) is atrophied (on the side where I have high hamstring tendinopathy).  The working theory at that point was that the hamstring (semitendinosis) next to the biceps femoris was overworking.  That theory was tossed out when the PT wired me up and found out that none of the hamstrings on the injured side contract eccentrically.  E.g. during the swing phase of moving my leg, something needs to slow down the lower leg at the front of the swing and in a normal person that would mostly be the hamstrings.  Not me though - I'm special, at least in that leg.  This may also explain why I get random moving hip pain on that side - it's stuff like adductors/quads that are compensating for the slacker hamstrings.   We spent 45 minutes trying to find exercises where I do contract eccentrically, and finally found a couple.  So my rehab is mostly about trying to rewire how my leg works, doing variations on those exercises.  In the meantime I'm ignoring the injury and trying to train for an insane race in Ilana's part of the country at the end of July.  122 miles a week or two ago (about 3/4 on land, the rest in the pool), a day last week where I ran up a local mountain 3 times, doing tempo efforts up hills, etc..  I can't run very fast right now but I don't need to run fast to train for my race.


                    Duke Of Bad Judgment

                      I meant to say that I was out for a run a few days ago, and saw an axe lying on the sidewalk where some people were doing yardwork.  It reminded me of spending time with Brew.


                        Back from Chicago and catching up. Shoutouts in a minute. Meanwhile.


                        Runner's ear -- I use earbuds everyday, and if I don't keep them clean, I get runner's ear. An infected scab right where the earbud rests -- I can't tell if it's fungal (athlete's foot, jock itch) or bacterial. Or something else. I've tried tinactin, anti-bacterial, bactine, hand sanitizer, etc.


                        Does anybody else get this and what do you do about it?



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                          I meant to say that I was out for a run a few days ago, and saw an axe lying on the sidewalk where some people were doing yardwork.  It reminded me of spending time with Brew.


                          This warms my heart.

                          1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                          5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                          10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                          Half: 1:34:26 (2016)

                          Marathon 3:13:20 (2016)

                          Annual Miles 1,892.7 miles


                          2019 Goal: Get into the 4/20/20 marathon

                          Arvind Balaraman

                            Happy Anniversary Ace


                              fb: In addition to the creams/ointments have you taken time off from the ear buds?   I put Aquaphor healing ointment on about any skin irritation and it does wonders.


                              As someone mentioned to me a while back (maybe max or jim, but i can't remember), my HR strap is occasionally causing irritation. Essentially if I don't wear it back to back days, I'm good to go.  Aquaphor helps this problem too.


                              CK: Maybe the hawk is your spirit animal and you have a connection? They are mesmerizing to me, so are bald eagles, which I run into from time to time around here.


                              OMR: Orthotics were prescribed to correct my over pronating. PT's suggestion was that as my feet tend to roll in, my lower leg and thigh internally rotate and this is what may have led to the hip impingement/pain. I told him, I wasn't that excited about it, but would try them out. I definitely like the added support, but am still getting used to them.  Those + strengthening glutes will hopefully prevent future issues. I need to keep up my strength training too. This running thing is a lot of work.


                              Hill intervals for me this morning, 10x200. I felt bad because the hill I used in the neighborhood happened to be the place where a lady lets her three jack russell's out to run around at 5:30am (on three long leashes). They were yapping and sprinting like crazy and she was yelling at them to "be quiet", but I was committed to the hill and just kept running back and forth in front of them. She probably things I'm and A-hole, insane, or both.  Not sure I'm winning the neighbor of the year award.

                              Road Mile: 5:19 (2017), 5k: 18:10 (2017), 10k: 38:25 (2017, course was 6.1), HM: 1:25:16 (2018), M: 2:57:18 (2018)


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                                Ace - happy (slightly belated) anniversary!


                                Smax - which race are you doing?  Not Hardrock, that's mid-July.  Ouray 100?  Hah, yes, I see you on the list.  Excellent.  Unfortunately right now the estimate for containment is the end of July, and that's just containment, not extinguishment.  Hopefully it won't be too smoky then (I heard it was bad there this morning), and I sure hope it's not actually on fire, but the fire season still has a ways to go.


                                Dwave - good luck at Grandma's!   And it makes sense to fly in early when it's that long a flight (for CIM).


                                CK - you get the best wildlife on your runs.


                                fb - I have never had an issue with earbuds.  See a doctor and get it taken care of, would be my suggestion.


                                Brew - yikes!  When I ran RTB my night relay leg was nearly traffic-free, through a small town and then on a dark road which at least had a nice big shoulder, and I think the vans went a different route I don't run at night, usually, so I was pretty freaked out as it was - can't imagine what you had to deal with.


                                rlk and Jim - and even in the daytime that sounds ick.  Well done, both of you!  And nifty photos.


                                OMR - yay for getting back to running!


                                Oregon - I hate running when it's raining/hailing/awful.


                                PJ - congrats on the race, boo on the falls, congrats (I guess) on becoming an official Maniac.


                                I did "intervals" on the treadmill on Tuesday, except I was too scared to really try to run fast because I might fall off the treadmill if I can't keep it up, so they were more like tempo intervals.  Yesterday I was going to bike on our stationary bike but I didn't sleep well at all because it was so smoky, so just bagged it.  Last night I slept better as we got our air purifier (it's running now in the office) but I woke up much too early.  Still, I'm going to head to the gym for another boring treadmill run as soon as it's no longer horrible outside - the AQI is currently still in the "hazardous" zone but it's dropping as the breeze settles in.


                                We're supposed to get the remnants of Hurricane Bud over the weekend (although it's already dissipating, so, Bud Lite) but of course it's going to be a crapshoot as to whether a) the rain hits us or goes farther north, or b) we get too much rain and it floods all the newly-destabilized burned areas and we get mudslides (not the tasty kind).

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